October 22, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2, episode 4 (week 13)

Hello all!!

Happy Tuesday! This is like being in the MTC again, weird.

It was a pretty good week! It absolutely flew by(shocker) but I'm excited to share about it.

Monday(the 15th) Last Pday couldn't have been more regular. Shopping, emails, the usual stuff

Tuesday-- Alright, not a single half birthday email or letter from any of yall? Rip.. (I don't actually care but it's weird I'm half way through the year that gets me to two decades of living.) pretty regular morning, got to tract and do some service for a moving member and even had Bojangles today! Had a really awesome lesson with Laurie at the Ravstens. We talked about the Book of Mormon and all of the blessings it has in store for us, and Laurie also became more comfortable with ward members so that was a big plus.

Wednesday-- we had interviews with President Clayton, I got to voice some of my struggles with the area and companion and he gave some really solid advice. We helped the same member move some more stuff and the moving company guy that was there and needed our help was trying to pay us but we declined it as much as we could. We also dug a grave. One of Laurie's dogs is about to roundhouse kick the bucket so we helped her prep. I thought I'd be super sad digging a grave but that is hard work, I was drenched in sweat.

Thursday-- Woke up 200% dead. Between being a pro mover, grave digger and also doing a nightly workout I could barely move. We helped our member one last time along with butler creek (they were there yesterday too) and then got a big ol lunch with the money the moving company refused to not pay us with. Gave the rest to the member even though he didn't want it. Struggled hardcore with EG, I think we are getting over the hump of struggles but sometimes I really do not know.

Friday-- pretty below average day. Good appointment with army about baptism, and then a terrible weekly planning session, a good visit with Laure and then really disheartening tracting and evening because miss Gail canceled on our visit but she still called us out read. Just a sad tired day. what do you do?

Saturday-- Got to be a part of an 8 year Olds baptism. We were the witnesses and Elder Garrett did the confirmation! Laurie also came which was awesome, so she could see what her end goal looked like. Had a service opportunity cancel and then another teaching appointment got canceled but we didn't know until we got there so that was brutal. Had a fine evening, lots of phone calls to potential people to teach

Sunday-- average Sunday, it was empty because everyone got to go to Wilmington to do hurricane clean up. Had a great dinner with members then visited with Laurie and made a ton more phone calls. Pretty bland day.

Monday(yesterday)-- such a spiritual day. Elder David A bednar of the quorom of the 12 apostles came and he was great. So much to learn from him. He had such a presence. I won't detail a ton of it or else this email would be super long but it was a great experience. Costco lunch, traveled back to Kennesaw and then studied, ate and made calls. Pretty uneventful afternoon.

Today should be pretty regular, I look forward to hearing from a bunch of yall soon!

Also it is that time of the year so I'm gonna need Christmas music asap so if any of yall want to share it with me via Google drive or email or a mailed flash drive it would be much appreciated<3

I think I'll have real pics again this week so those will come separately again.

I love yall and I hope you have had a great week! I love what I am doing and I hope yall love to hear about it! See yall soon!

Elder Smith
412 oak hills Dr
Dallas, GA


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