October 15, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2 season 3 (week 12)

What's going on yall

This week has been pretty good. Slow start I'd say but the days and the weeks still seem to absolutely zoom by so it's crazy that it's Monday again.

The weather is finally starting to cool down! We actually had some cold mornings this week, what a blessing. Then it kinda got warmer-ish again this weekend but the mornings and evenings are significantly more pleasant.

I had been praying for more opportunities to do service (like manual labor) and prayers were answered this week! Super cool, here's the week

Monday-- pretty out of it on Monday. Got a hair cut and hung out at the KSU branch building with a few elders and pretty much wrote emails and went to steak and shake. After, we followed up with some potential people to teach but not much happened. Killed a huge spider in the basement Monday night.

Tuesday-- had district council in the hick house attic which was cool, and not too hot. After lunch we went to a trailer park for an appointment and got stood up so that was sad, shouts out to Clarissa. Met up with brother Kennedy who is working on coming back to church so that is always good. Also had a good meeting with Laurie Tuesday evening.

Wednesday-- pretty good day! Got to do service for a sister in the Cedarcrest ward for like 3 good hours, all digging the Souths orange/red clay. I was so tired, it was awesome. Had studies, went and did some knocking in the rain, and had a really good dinner out to eat with a member. Fat burrito. Then we had to go home early due to hurricane weather coming in. House sprung a leak in the basement due to so much water but it's all good now.

Thursday was the most inconsequential day ever. Nothing notable, we had 3 appointments and all 3 canceled. Pretty slow day, but it had good parts like meals and stuff

Friday-- Friday may honestly have been the best day so far, like for the whole mission. We were on exchanges with the traveling trainers, and I was companions with Elder Hyde. He is from Blackfoot, Idaho and he is a really great missionary. We were on bikes, it was cold out most of the day, and Elder Hyde and I connected almost instantly. He and I are really similar, as far as interests and ways of thinking and doing and nature. We talked lots about sports and music and who we wanted to be in the future. It was a day I didn't know I needed and lots of prayers answered I didn't realize I prayed for. We knocked a pretty big neighborhood most of the day and secured two return appointments for this week so that was awesome. Had a good visit with Laurie and watched a conference talk about the correct name of The Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She wants to stop calling us the Mormons cause now she knows we dont say that anymore. Overall it was such a good day, restored some faith in myself and had a blast. Shout out Elder Hyde. Pic may come later with all of us in it

Saturday-- Started off with service, which was unloading a semi truck full, like stuffed full, of pumpkins. Shiloh methodist church has the trucking and pumpkins donated every year and our ward helps them unload it since their congregation is a little bit older than ours. They sell the pumpkins, and the proceeds fund their food bank for the next calendar year. What an awesome place, and tiring service activity. Also I've never seen so many pumpkins before, or lifted that many. After, we did yardwork at Laurie's and boy do I love mowing a good lawn. When we were done Laurie requested a blessing of comfort and to help get rid of her daily fears and anxieties and so she asked me to do it
Super cool experience, she said she felt much better after. Rest of the day was normal, tracting, dinner, calls.

Sunday-- had ward council so we had to be at church at 9:30 for almost no reason at all, they never ask us for a report or anything so we just sit there and listen. But during church, I figured out our stake is assigned to Wilmington, North Carolina for hurricane relief efforts! Wilmington is one of our families HQs, at least for my moms side. So even though us missionaries most likely cant go, it's still really cool that they get to go to a place so near and dear to my heart. After church, we had an experience with anti LDS people. They were standing at the corners of the church on the side walk handing out pamphlets with "the church's beliefs" on them. Totally false, but us and a few of the leaders went out to talk to them and ask them to leave. They said it was out of love and I think they actually left but they were whack. Who goes and talks dirt on others church's in their free time?? Anyway, our bishop handled it really well and now I have a funny pamphlet with false info on it. Rest of the day was plain.

Another good week! I'm excited for the week to come, especially the weather. We should have some new teaching opportunities and hopefully some chances to do service.

I love this Gospel and the work I am doing weekly! Life is good and it is continually flying by!

i should have some pics that i will send in a little bit.

Love yall, have a great week!

Elder Austin Smith
412 Oak Hills Dr
Dallas Ga 30132


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