October 8, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2 episode 2 (week 11)

This week has been a bit slower, but that doesn't make it a bad week even in the slightest. I will say that my companion and I have lots of differences, once again. I think I've said that for each companion so far. Like the others, It has created some friction so far, but with a great difference in personality comes a great potential for not only growth but learning as well. So this week went slower than usual, it was hard, very hard at a few points, but the weeks still fly by and I still love Georgia! So I don't want this to be a downer email but it turns out the mission isn't sunshine and rainbows after all 🤷🏻‍♂️but oh well, life goes on and so does the mission, so I'll fill yall in on the week

Monday-- Cleaned and burned things out of the hick house. Elder Garrett was not down for the state of cleanliness that the house was in(not bad, just not great) so we cleaned alot on pday. Had mod pizza for dinner and went to a bunch of follow-ups and not a single person was home.

Tuesday-- Had Zone conference today and it wasn't as long as the first one. Finally got some pics this week here too. Taught a Brother named Austin and it actually went pretty well! He understood what we taught and was looking forward to reading the book of Mormon and finding out more for himself. My bloodsugar was low during the lesson but the spirit was high.

Wednesday-- Woke up with a throbbing headache. It eventually went away but it was a less than decent way to start the day. Did some yard work for Laurie, felt good to mow. had plans for the afternoon but ended up doing more service for the Sardinas. We helped him pick up a grill from home depot and he said he'll grill for us Friday. had a night full of following up and literally no one answered the door including a lady who we had a scheduled appointment with. The only person to answer was an old cranky man who told us " I don't have time for you guys. Take off."

Thursday-- Had just an okay morning, but then had a great meeting with Army. He said he is beginning to understand that not all churches are the same and thatis huge for him. Did some ttracting and following up and it was so sweaty. We had one individual say he felt bad for us while we were on his porch and then he paused, and I thought he was going to say because its hotter than Satan's armpit out here but then he said he felt bad because we were in bondage with our religion and I did the hardest double take. We left his porch pretty fast. He clearly needs Jesus and a reliable internet source but he wasn't going to get it from us. Had a good appointment with Gail finally, she said she wants to be baptized! Which is great, we are excited to help her achieve her goal. Had some growing pains today with the comp, mostly having to do with communication. I know I have lots to learn from him but some days are harder than others.

Friday-- Really fast day. Weekly planned, had a good conversation with Elder about our differences and what not, and then went to do some service. I miss yard work alot. Uneventful night of people not answering the door.

Saturday-- Pretty crazy day! lonely too, Elder Garrett and I were the only 2 at the church building for conference:/ Lots of great insights from General Conference, including two hour church now? wow. Learned lots and took good notes, I'm sure my insights will come up in emails to come.

Sunday-- In all honesty, I'd be lying if I said I had a great day yesterday. And maybe even a good one. It ended up being pretty neutral. After a poor study session, we had some pretty rude guys talk to us after knocking on their door. I'm pretty sure he let his dog out on purpose so he had a real reason to be mad at us. That was frustrating. Laurie ended up coming to the first session of Conference, which was good but she had to leave half way through and she didn't make it back. Dinner was fine, and we had a good evening visit with Laurie after but overall Sunday was hard. Most of yall that know me well know that I rarely get homesick, and not due to a lack of love, I just adapt to change well I suppose. But I got wrecked with homesickness yesterday, and it's still a little sad boy hour today. Conference is usually a time to be with family or friends at home and not having that for the first time in almost 20 years was really hard. I was in a weird mood all day and it was tough to focus on conference and the messages given.

The only reason I detail this is so yall know that not every day is sunshine and rainbows haha, but I dont have time to be too homesick or sad during the week so I will be fine.

I actually have a few good pics this week, I will send a second email shortly with those.

I am really looking forward to this week! The weather is becoming pleasant most of the time and we should have some good teaching opportunities.

Time is flying and I am so happy to be here in Georgia. Hard times and days are inevitable but the majority of our time is spent helping others and helping them come closer to Christ, so I really don't have anything to complain about. Especially with such a loyal and loving fan club at home:,)

Love yall, have a great week and write me some letters!

Elder Smith
412 Oak hills Dr
Dallas, GA 30132


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