October 1, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2, Episode 1 (week 10)

What's going on yall? This week has been pretty crazy, lots of changes out here in Stilesboro. All is well though.

Update:the socks that were lost? They are now found. Thank you for the prayers.

Not too much else so I'll get into the week

Monday-- Last Monday was pretty cool. We went to Atlanta as a district and we went to World of Coke! Pretty interesting place, lots of history there. Had a lot of nasty foreign and domestic sodas but had a few really good ones too. Shout out to Beverly and Bibo, IL let yall guess which one was nasty and which was good. Had lunch at The Varsity, which is a famous Atlanta spot to eat. Started Elder Kaupoes farewell tour Monday night as well so that was fun I guess. Also had a real life game of fogger Monday night except I was the car and not the frog. Pretty funny.

Tuesday-- Saw SO many people today. Had breakfast at a members, and then we had district council where we each had a training to give. Mine was about giving up fears to come on a mission and I accidentally went over by like a lot of minutes. I guess we had a good discussion but it was really good. Spent the rest of the day visiting people and then shopping a Lil bit for some white shirts for Elder K. being in the mall was WHACK. Had an uneventful night as he packed and we all got ready for transfers. I'll miss the hich house members, it was a good run.

Wednesday-- TRANSFERS!! I got a sweet water bottle from Elder Williams(see pics) and a new companion! Elder Garrett is his name, from Fresno California, I'll just start things off by saying that he and I are very different people, even more so than my last companion. Can't complain, I think I will learn a ton from my second half trainer but the differences in pace and in the way we will do things will be an interesting adjustment for both of us.

Thursday-- pretty regular day. followed up with a bunch of people that may or may not be interested in our message and none of them were but thats alright. Had visits with Laurie and Tylone. Both went well, amd both should be at church on Sunday! Both are a little older and can talk your ear off so we were there for quite a while.

Friday-- Had a good morning. We had weekly planning and also a good companionship study where we learned a lot about each other and set some goals and how to help each other with them. Tried to visit a bunch of people that previously had appointments with missionaries in the past to see if they were down to hear from us soon and none of them were down or even home, so we got pretty sweaty for almost no reason but now we can take them off of our list of potential people to teach. Had a ward game night and Laurie bailed which stunk but we played games with a few families and had some good food fo like 2 hours.

Saturday-- such a busy day. Had service in the morning for the first time in a while, got a package in the mail<3 got lunch with Butler Creek cause they had extra chicken. Visited Laurie and I am so excited for her. Called and followed up wit a bunch more people, and actually had a few people say yes! So we will hopefully teach them later this week. had dinner at a members and it was fully loaded salads and it was actually so good.

Sunday-- Good day. Tylone came to church but showed up late and left early, but at least he came. Met a man named Peter who just walked into church looking to learn more so we gave him a book of Mormon and got his phone number and are looking forward to teaching him. Had a productive evening with Elder G, called a lot of people and learned a ton about him in the process. The differences are showing more through the pace we do things and the style of which we do things, so we are slowly merging them. All good things though, I am learning lots..

This week has been an adjustment! But life is still so good and Georgia is still super fun. Hopefully I have more teaching experiences to talk about by next week but for this week it was more changes and adjustments until we get into a groove.

Also I have a request. As the Holdaiy season approaches, my yearning for christmas music grows at a rapid rate, and I would like to ask for some kind souls to share some Christmas music via Google Drive if it's possible. I have like a sungular pentatonix Christmas album and that is It. I need some more. Just share it with this email address. X's and O's if any of yall can.

Other than that I really don't have too much. I love packages and letters and returning them so please send and you shall receive!

Love yall! Thanks for reading and supporting me and I'll see yall soon

Elder Smith


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