September 17, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Austin Kaupoe

Season, 1 episode 5 (week 8)

What a week! So so fast once again, this week marked one month in the great and sweaty state of Georgia!

I hope y'all on the east coast have been safe, my thoughts and prayers have been with you all week. We havent had any bad weather here yet, but i am typing this Saturday night and the weather is supposed to hit us tomorrow but it will be rain at the most i think. (yeah we got nothing but light rain and a few more clouds than usual)

Anyway, here is the week!

Monday(the 10th)- did the usual, clean up, grocery shop, emails. Gmail was giving me an issue so fingers crossed this one actually sends the first time. Had a big Zone P-day, so elders and sisters from all over came to our building to eat and play games and hang out for our day of. Very fun, played chair soccer, a mafia style game, hide and seek and had a solid pizza lunch. Had exchanges with the Zone leaders afterwards, i went with Elder Kipping this time, he is from a place close to Draper, Utah so he is close to where my family currently lives. We visited L and then did some knocking and met a cool guy who is a chaplain at a hospital so he was familiar with Mormons and he invited us in for a bottle of water and to get out of the mugginess. He and his wife were in the process of moving and we offered to help whenever he needed it so he said he would call on saturday. After, we went home and packed up and slept at butler Creeks with the Zone Leaders because we had to drive them to Douglasville the next day to hear from Elder Costa. Horrible nights sleep. Slept on an air mattress with a hole in it and ended up on the floor about an hour and a half into my night.

Tuesday- Woke up and my whole body hurt. Got up and headed for Douglasville. Met a hitch hiker named Jamie outside a McDonalds. He was nice and he loves jesus but we couldnt drive him anywhere. For those of you that do not know, Elder Costa is what we call an Area 70 in our church. He is one of 70 men called to preside over a geographical area and he came to our mission to have a zone conference with all of the zones. he talked about missionary work and we learned alot. It was a very long meeting, 9-3 with 45 min for lunch so it felt like forever. He was funny so it was okay but still. Sped back home to get dinner and then we went to visit T, a man i havent seen since my first sunday but he wasnt home. Saw L, she wants to go walk around at the temple in Sandy Springs soon so i think we will go down there soon. Planned out the rest of the week and went to bed exhausted. Exchanges with the Elders we live with tomorrow.

Wednesday- Really fast day. Started the day as we normally do, except after i went with Elder Furman instead of Elder Kaupoe. We also found out we dont have bed bugs!!! The inspector came today and he found one empty bed bug shell so we killed them all the day we figured out we may have them. What a relief. Anyway, We went to a lady named D's house and we talked about her problems with organized religion. We did that for like an hour and 10 min and went no where, and right at the end me elder Furman and Brother Johnston, a member who came with us, all bore our testimony of the church and what we had talked about and in the middle of me talking she stopped me and said "thats all i need to hear, i will be at church on sunday. We dont even need to pray yall should just leave" and so we did. I was just telling her that i wouldnt be out on a mission and leaving things at home if i didnt think what we were teaching her was true, and she thought i was gonna get emotional and i guess that struck a chord with her. Super cool experience. Had lunch, bought mattress covers and went knocking for a while. I have never sweat so much so fast since playing football. It was so hot and humid and it kept raining for like 3 minutes at a time and that just made things even more humid so i was pretty gross after an hour or two. Had some really good door step experiences, and a few door slams or polite no's. Thats okay though, we found 2 people to come back and teach at a later date. A and C both said that we could come back later that week or next week to share a message so that was cool to finally have some knocking success even though i probably wont see them because they arent in my area. After knocking i got to change my soaked shirt and then we went to help a recent convert write a talk on the Restoration of the church for sacrament meeting in a few weeks. We then had juice for dinner at a members home. they set up all of their fruits and veggies on their counter and said fill a plate of what you like and we'll juice it and that will be dinner, along with a small chorizo burrito. I had mostly fruit, but it was really good and unique dinner. Vistited a few members on the way home and almost hit a deer. Really full day, sorry i had to write so much.

Thursday- another busy day. Had a zone leadership call and was told 7 minutes before i was supposed to have a short spiritual thought to start off the call, Elder Kaupoe is lucky i had one off the top of my head or i wouldve been extra mad haha. Did some family history work at the library, ate a small lunch and then Brother Allen came and picked us up to have us help him with moving a roto tiller. Youll have to see pics when i send a second email. We had quite the fits on to do that. he then came to meet L with us and we talked about prophets with her. I think she learned alot so that was good. Not an outstanding lesson. Had dinner after that and then we helped set up the church for a baptism. The sisters had a mom and daughter that they were teaching get baptised so we went to support and be there for them. G cancelled on us that night so that was pretty much all we did.

Friday- Started off today with a crappy breakfast, The cedarcrest elders recieved some meat from some of their members and it had been frozen for quite some time. I wont say how long due to how embarassing it is that i even took a few bites but it was not all that recent. Had a few bites and then everything left went to the trashcan. We then went to a members house and cut down trees and branches for like 6 hours. We used a pole saw(chainsaw on a stick) and an ax and our hands to cut down and chop up and move like 10 small trees. It was alot of fun, except i stepped in a giant dog bomb because they have two huge doberman pinschers and needless to say the smell was not pleasant. Visited L after getting cleaned up and then had dinner at a members house. Solid enchiladas. Went and saw G for just a few minutes but she is a real busy lady. Both Elder Kaupoe and I had really sore backs and Elder Kaupoe actually probably hurt his.

Saturday- ONE MONTH IN THE FIELD!! Did all the usual studies and planning and then we went to the library so Kaupoe could do college stuff while i basically hung out and learned dutch for an hour. (vissen zijn vrienden, geen eten) Will probably get even more time to do that the next week or two while he does all of his college stuff. Had lunch at Butler Creeks apartment, weekly planned, had a family cancel their appointment for us to come practice teaching lessons and then saw a Brother in our ward and his little boy. Saw L again and read with her and are working torward a baptsmal date with her. Had a decent rest of the night, had some unfortuante circumstances in the house that are being dealt with and i dont really know if im allowed to talk about them but keep the hick house and its residents in yalls prayers.

Sunday- Got up and did the usual. Had to be at church at 9:30 instead of 10:30 for a ward council meeting. The meeting was pretty good, and then church was pretty much same old. Had a cool discussion in Sunday school about Jonah and the great fish and I enjoyed that. After church I was blessed with a plate of cookies from Bree! Bree was in the same building and ward as me at Utah State and lives in one of the wards that meets at the building i meet at here in Georgia, crazy coincidence, and she made the sisters and us cookies that were delish and bree if you're reading this the cookies didn't even make it to Mars Hill Road!! Thank you! Got home, had some lunch and did some studies and then had dinner at a members home. Pretty regular Sunday.

Weeks go by So fast. I cannot believe how fast time is going so far. Not this week but the week after has some potential for change, location or companion so we'll just have to see. Change could make the time go by faster or slower, so I am anxious to find out.

One of these days I'll write a shorterish email but today is not that day. Thank yall for reading and supporting me.

Some random wisdom I discovered this week: If you ever get into an arguement with someone that speaks Dutch, just drop this line on em. "Missachien ben een eend??" and after that youll automatically win the arguement. Guaranteed.

No more issues with the hick house this week (fingers crossed) I'll attach a Pic of the house cause I don't think I ever did that in the first few weeks. I actually have a couple pics this week to attach so hopefully they are good ones.

Once again I appreciate all of you that read these emails, I know they get kinda long so hopefully they're at least a little enjoyable to read. I am really enjoying my self out here and time is flying, so I'll be home a changed (hopefully for the better) man so much sooner than it seems.

Have a great week! Be safe and I'll see you soon!

Elder Smith


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