September 24, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Austin Kaupoe

Season 1 episode 6 -- Season finale (week 9)


First, we are driving down to Atlanta today for a district p-day so I'm sending this email first thing in the morning and then I'll respond through out the day when I have wifi and then later at the library. We are going to World of Coke, so for an elder who doesn't really drink soda I'm not thrilled to spend cash on it but it will be fun to go down as a district. This email is also being sent in two groups because it's easier to do so from a phone

I have come to the realization(and been made aware by some of my loyal readers<3) that not only have I been flooding your inbox with way too much useless information but also that I need to take more pics. I have worked on the info this week but I am sorry to report that I have no more pics than usual. Both are a work in progress.

I have been figuring out the line of confidentiality I can hit when referencing the people that we teach and what not and I think I am able to use first names and be all good, so hopefully that helps the people seem more real from this week on.

it has been a great week! Absolutely flew by once again, but busy is good. I'll get into it,.

Monday(the 17th)- Pretty average Monday, the usual shopping emailing and playing some games at home and also the church. I'll do my best to not mention food that much this week but I think it is notable that we had Elk steaks for dinner. They were pretty solid. Would eat again.

Tuesday-- Pretty relaxed day, it was much needed. Saw a mouse in the basement while working out, disappeared though. We had a district council and I Dont remember much to be honest. Met up with Army, had a really good discussion about our relationship with God and also with other people here on earth, and how God can only enhance those relationships. Visited Laurie towards the end of the day and she said we made her day.

Wednesday-- Decent day, uneventful to say the least. Was at the library forever for Kaupoes college stuff. An almost missionary from one of the wards picked us up from the building later to visit a few people at the other side of our area and no one ended up being home. Saw Laurie after dinner and it's always good to see her and talk.

Thursday-- usual morning. Saw Tylone, another person that has been coming to church that we teach, we hadn't seen him since my first Sunday so it was good to catch up with him and see how he's been. We will start teaching him again soon and I am excited for that. I am doing my best to not mention food but we had cookout with the KSU elders and it was so good. Peach cobbler milkshake? Just as good as it sounds. Met with a few members and also hit the Goodwill, bought a sweet pair of all white Nike Air Max for 5.99, only my second time ever buying all white shoes(if you know you know) and a cool pink and purple tie. I'll attach pics. Shoes were pretty dirty but I cleaned em up good. Rest of the day was normal.

Friday-- Got to go to the Temple today! We went with Laurie because she wanted to walk around it and sit in the non patron room. Super good experience, super terrible pics, I'll attach anyway. After we got Waffle house( first time since I was like 4 years old) and it was great. Ordered way too much though. Had to run home and clean for a house inspection. Had a practice lesson with a member family and a good dinner and rest of our night.

Saturday-- Great day. Got up and helped some people move, including the heaviest piece of furniture I've ever carried by hand, took four elders and even then we barely got it. Had a regular afternoon. Spent some time at the library, trying to visit people that weren't home and then went to a brothers home and shared a nice message, I think it really touched him. It was about being patient in your trials and times of hardship, and he's had quite a few recently and has been a great example of strengthening faith in hard times. Had good calls and got our transfer calls. Transfer calls happen every six weeks and we find out if we are leaving or staying in our current areas. I will be staying in the Stilesboro area and Elder Kaupoe will be leaving, he's been here for like 6-7 months. So in other words, I will be getting a new companion/trainer for at least the next 6 weeks starting on wednesday. I'm a lil nervous for that not gonna lie but it will be good.

Sunday-- sleepy morning. Got to church for Elder Kaupoes last Sunday here. he has been here for a long time, the ward here loves him and it is not hard to tell at all. It will be a touching couple of days being on his farewell tour. We had dinner with the ward mission leader and had a meeting with him and then stopped in at Laurie's. She found out at church that Kaupoe was leaving so she was pretty mad. Then we went home so he could pack, so we had a shorter day today. Additionally, I realized Sunday night that I lost track of a pair of socks and I am pretty upset about it not gonna lie.

Hopefully a shorter email doesnt make it seem like we didn't do anything this week, we are plenty busy but I don't think everyone necessarily wants to hear every little thing about every day, hopefully this is a group concensus haha.

If you want a letter from yours truly send me your address! I have stamps just waiting to be sent across the country, would love to drop one in the mail for ya.

If you'd rather send me a letter or anything of the sort my address for the next 6 weeks will be the same as the last 6 weeks

412 Oak Hills Dr
Dallas, GA 30132

I pray for yall on a daily basis and I hope you are all doing well! Write me and I will see yall soon!!!

Elder Smith


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