September 10, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Austin Kaupoe

Season 1, episode 4 (week 7)


I hope yall have had wonderful weeks. This week has been a little crazy, but i am loving it nonetheless. Before i get into the week i would love to request yalls addresses again. I would love to send and maybe even recieve mail from yall and i need addresses to send them to! so please send them, even if you think i wouldnt send you one, i would love to prove you wrong:,)

I learned an interesting fact about Georgia this week, and that is that there is not a single natural lake in the state of Georgia. They are all man made. That is crazy to me.

Also we may get hurricane residue later this week if the weather channel is right so we will probably get some intense storms so everyone on the east coast be safe, ill be praying for yall.

Also the subject line has to do with how long ive been out. Every 6 weeks is a transfer, or a season, and every week will be an episode. So there should be about 17 seasons at 6 episodes each, i think. Not sure what my totals will be but that is projected.

okay, that is all the stuff i have other than the week. enjoy!

Monday(the 3rd)- pretty average day. emails as usual, got lunch with the district, played some games at the church and went to see a few members later in the night. last sunday we started having some plumbing problems out here in the hick house. septic tank and stuff so monday night half of the house stayed somewhere else and half of us stayed in the house and peed outside until the morning. more on this later

Tuesday- after a crappy nights sleep, i had a pretty good day. got up and did the usual, except we cleaned up at a members house. after we went to the library so Elder Kaupoe could do college things since he goes home soon and i got to listen to some music and do family history work and stuff. Had lunch and figured out our plumber was coming the next day so we had to be home for him. Had a super awesome conversation with A about evolution and creationism and how they are talking about the same thing. He is a biology professor at KSU so he was pretty qualified on the subject. after we did some knocking which is never my favorite but our first house a real nice lady came out and talked to us forever just being really nice and accepting and telling us that our job is hard. more sweaty than hard but she gets it. We went to see L and tried to fix her playstation that was older than i was. shoutout to 1998. Had dinner and shared a message about service and then we got to practice teaching lessons with a less active family. super good experiences. Stayed at a members house that had a ping pong table and good snacks and drinks and slept in a real bed and it was pretty sweet.

Wednesday- Could not wake up for the life of me today. luckily i had 3 other showers to sleep through but having a large, overly comfortable bed was life changing. Today was WHACK. The plumber was supposed to be there at 9am. we got back at 8:50. buddy boy doesnt show up until 9:50ish. Dug for 40 min with a shovel trying to get to the septic tank, and left to go get a tractor, and didnt come back until 3:30!! not a single word to us, only through our gracious land lord but we sat at home all day, cleaning, not peeing in a toilet, calling our district, eating minimal amounts of food so we dont get fat, drinking water, studying and also complaining. Found a sweet pair of fake glasses that i am rocking extremely well, and caught a case of cabin fever. it was time to go. we got to leave for dinner and it was waffle wednesday so that was such a great meal. plumbers said it would be fixed friday by noon, so another night or two at the same members house for us.

Thursday- real good day. started off with a home cooked breakfast from the members, grits, eggs, bacon, toast juice. so so so good. Got my first haircut in the mission finally, for free too because it was at a members house. Drove to the library for them to not have wifi, so we got lunch with Butler creek and went to a different library. Had a really awesome talk with L today, she is ready to be baptised and she wont accept that shes ready, she wants to wait a while and i see her concerns but why delay?? anyway, practiced teaching the standard 5 missionary lessons to some members and their wild kids and they also fed us dinner. Went knocking again, had like one person answer the door. oh well. finished with studies and calls. back to our members and then played some more ping pong. im getting decent at it.

Friday- Day flew today. zone leaders slept at the house with us last night, so they came with us to district council. found out some news that Elder Kaupoe and i might double cover another area next transfer, but we dont know forsure. After DC and lunch, we did service at the house we used to get ready at in the first few days of the week. I got to use a lawn mower which was therapeutic, and the Brother there smoked us burgers, they were so good. We got to shower in our own home after<3 Elder Gilbert and I went on exchange after and we went to visit L, we read with her and also gave her a CTR ring to help her quit smoking. Felt like a real missionary cause i was kinda in charge cause Elder Gilbert didnt know her at all. Slept good in my own bed.

Saturday- Had another full day. Got to mow again<3 Studied after lunch, and then tried to visit L but she wasnt home. Had dinner with a family and they had such a cool dog, and also really cute kids. we taught them a hands on lesson and then had to hustle to Stake conference. It was good, good to see the rest of the missionaries.

Sunday- Got up and got ready for stake Conference. Went and woke up L so she would come, got to direct traffic in the parking lot with a few other elders. Hung out after stake conference with Butler creek for a tiny bit and then went to have a correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. Good meeting with him, he is also brand new to georgia so we can relate. Went to a member home for dinner and their house was HUGE. Lots of families came, it was a really good meal and we all got to talk alot. i was very full. Watched the live devotional at the church after and then when we came home we found out the other half of the house more than likely has bed bugs. Lovely. they call this house the hick house for a reason, its really flexing on us this week. really excited for P-day. the whole zone is coming down tomorrow.

Life in Georgia is pretty tight, we are getting to teach more and hopefully helping others to feel the spirit and know that there is a plan for them. Im excited for another full week. Should be a good one.

I love yall so much, i am impressed if you read everything that i wrote this week and also very appreciative, even though i dont know who does and does not. You can brag and tell me if you want but ill leave that up to you. I am looking forward to another week of sweating and teaching and hopefully no more house problems.

Be safe and make every day a good one, ill see yall soon!

Elder Smith


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