September 3, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Austin Kaupoe

Season 1, episode 3 Week 6 - Wake me up when September ends

Just kidding, I'll be awake for the whole September, life is good yall.

what is going on ladies and gents? i hope y'all have had a great week, mine was super busy but really good. it is starting to cool down a little bit here in Georgia, not a ton but I've been told it gets really nice in September here. It feels like football outside, and i love that. So if someone could keep me updated on Wheaton North football and also College football (namely Kentucky and Georgia) that would be much appreciated. Ill get into the week. also ill refer to to the people we teach as exactly that, people we teach, just for confidentiality reasons, so I may abreviate them in the future as G or L or A. G and L are older single sisters and A is an middle aged gentleman.

Monday- pretty decent P-day. Got up and went grocery shopping, thankfully we dont have to buy much because we are fed so much. Then we had email time, its always good to get updates and catch up a tiny bit. Played basketball with the Hiram Elders and my bloodusgar went down to 37 while i was playing, so that was pretty cool/scary. Went home, cleaned up and then went to a members home to practice teaching. they have a lot of young wild (not free) kids and it made it hard but it was good practice. Later we called one of our regulars and she didnt want to read so we sang her a hymn and left it on her voicemail. It was hark! the Herald angels sing so i hope she liked it.

Tuesday- Started service at like 7 am and went til like noon. We helped a family in the other ward move, we filled a small uhaul like 3 times so it was a good workout. they also had a really cute goldendoodle so that always makes it worth our time. We met with one of the people we call everyday for the first time at the church building and he is a really cool guy. very smart and open college professor. We studied after that, and then went to the church for dinner. a Member had to cancel their dinner appointment with us so she ordered pizza to the church building. My phone had another purge and dexcom got deleted again and i got lowkey pretty heated, i was in a poor mood so we went to visit one of the people we teach instead of knocking doors. it was a real nice visit so im glad we went. Got chick fil a after for fun and then had a good rest of our night.

Wednesday- Got up, worked out and then got ready for mission president interviews. Once a transfer(or 6 weeks) our mission president travels around the mission to basically check in with everyone and see how they are doing face to face. we can always call or text him if we have issues but its nice to see him and his wife in person. Sister Clayton walked in the room and called me Stead(s/o to that guy) and so she gave me a chick fil a gift card to make up for it. The Claytons buy a bunch of gift cards and give them out when they mess up names or something like that. Elder Kaupoe has got like 5 of them so far, and i surprisingly got one, youd think smith would be an easy one but i guess when you get mistook for another handsome elder its hard. We had some good trainings and i participated alot more than i thought i would. also had some pizza that the Claytons ordered. Helped a brother in our ward take some stuff to the dump, and then had a real good dinner with a member in the ward. Went to burlington Coat factory after and miraculously didnt buy anything. had a good rest of the night, kinda forgot what we did.

Thursday- real good day. 6 hours of helping a sister in the other ward clean out her attic and garage. no one get offended for the environment by this but we spent 3 hours burning boxes because she had so many. it was fun. smelled real nice after that. had a teaching appointment and studies ad then went to dinner. Met the butler creek elders for some ice cream later at night and then some other elders came and spent the night.

Friday- got up at the butt crack of dawn(5:30) and got ready and drove down to peach tree city for some new missionary training. good to see the elders and sisters that i traveled here with. had a good time and did some good learning and then we had pizza again(!!!) saw the sharpsburg and peachtree city elders, got a basketball from the '94 final four which is sweet, ill send a pic later and then saw the mission office. Drove home and it took forever, atlanta traffic is pretty gnarly, similar to chicago and utah. Had dinner at a members, learned a bit about mexican culture and also saw a playful pitbull. Was super tired, almost fell asleep while reading that night.

Saturday- could not (and can not) believe that it is september. so crazy. Got up a little early again for service, we were making silverware kits for a place that serves meals to the less fortunate. made like 2500 as a ward, so that was fun. we got to the building at 7, finished service at like 11:30 and didnt leave until like 3:30. we were there FOREVER. studied, planned for the week and worked on a couple other things. Went to see one of our ladies that we are teaching, then took butler creek elders to get ice cream again cause they were in the area and then we hit the walmart for a few thngs. Had dinner with a member and got to meet his 2 year old son. stopped for chick fil a because dinner wasnt the most filling and then got home and no one answered our calls:( slept like a baby though.

Sunday- got up, relaxed before church. went and one of our ladies came today and sat with us. came home after, studied and cleaned up my desk and room a bit, and then went to L's house. She came with us to our dinner appointment which was fun. after we Stopped by G's house and also went to the church. Picked up Butler creek so they can stay the night with us and hang out with us for pday. should be a fun day.

I hope yall have wonderful, blessed weeks. mine will be busy, but it should be a great week. I think and pray about yall all the time, i hope for the very best for all of you and hope to hear from you soon! ALSO.. Send me your addresses, and i may send you a letter. Its a surprise. i love surprise mail so if you want a chance of a letter drop me your address and we will see what happens. If by chance you want to send me anything at all, packages, letters, whatever you want, send it to

(Elder) Austin Smith
412 Oak hills Dr
Dallas, GA 30132

I love yall and ill see ya soon

Elder Smith


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