August 27, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Austin Kaupoe

Week 5 - another week of sweaty GA

pretty good week living the dream in hot and humid GA. Not too much to complain about. I feel like i am getting the hang of mission life atleast a little bit, always making adjustments but i feel like i am getting there, which is a relief. ill summarize the week.

last monday- Got up and did the usual half effort workout and full effort shower routine. Then us 4 in the house went and did a bit of grocery shopping. Had a good morning of writing emails. loved reading what yall had to say. keeps me fueled for a busy week knowing people read this and write back haha. It was tough to walk away from emailing after just an hour or two after being able to email all day in the MTC. After that we had a phone plague where all of our apps were deleted by the Churchs protective software so RIP diabetes app ( its all good she came back). We had a small lunch back at the house and then we literally did almost nothing. it was incredibly frustrating to not be doing anything. played a few games but monday was pretty rough overall. i wanted to play basketball and write emails and i got to play no basketball and write very few emails. Had a really good dinner with a few families from the ward at a restaurant in the area. had some good calls with our regulars that night and it made my day much better.

Tuesday- Got up and didnt work out (whoops). Had zone conference, so a larger gathering of missionaries in the area met in one place to have some trainings and to meet with the mission president. Got to see homeboy Stead and also the former Companion Augir. They said they were doing well in case yall wanted to know. Had a delish lasagna dinner at a members house. Heard some wild missionary stories when we got home to the house that made me feel very good about myself.

Wednesday- Pretty solid day overall. got up and actually worked out, got cleaned up and then did our studies and some planning. packed overnight bags so we could stay at another set of Elders apartments so we could drive them to a meeting the next day without using up alot of our miles. we only get 1250 a month, and our area is kind of big so we have to budget them right. hung out with them for a bit after getting lunch and then we went and helped a family move furniture. Had dinner at a members house later and they had a dog that was like a 2XL jordan and it made me dog sick. bought a georgia shirt at walmart so now i fit in. slept at the other elders apartment on a crappy airmatress, but had fun with the other guys.

Thursday- Got up and hit a real gym. got cleaned up and hung out until it was time to go to our meeting up in cartersville. had a leadership meeting since my companion is the district leader. for those of yall not familiar with missions a district is like 6 elders or sisters, and they have one district leader. usually a pretty small geographic area. a group of districts makes up a zone, and there are two zone leaders that help facilitate things to the APs, or the assistants to the mission president,who is in charge of the whole mission. anyway, our zone had a leadership council and it was a decent meeting. learned a bit. On the way home we stopped at a chinese buffet off of the highway that Elder Kaupoe said was good. Ming moon buffet. it was a little sketch but it was also only 9.50 so we ate our food and had our digestive issues and we didnt complain. met with a regular and it was a good lesson. had one cancel but then we did our phone calls and that was pretty much it.

Friday- real bad bloodsugar day. got it fixed eventually but what a struggle it was. Did some family history work at the library, learned most of my moms side is from denmark, so thats pretty cool. I am trying to learn how to play the piano, we had a person cancel their appointment with us so i had time to practice. it is hard. Had zaxbys again and it was delish as usual. went to the ward game night and one of our investigators came and it was pretty fun. One of the families in the ward made us some wings and dad when you read this you need to go get an air fryer to cook wings in. so crispy. had a good night at the house

Saturday- pretty alright day. lots of moving people, so im basically an expert mover and based on the people we moved i am also an expert packer, which my mother and kayla would know that that is saying something. anyway, helped them move and did our usual studies and planning today, had dinner at a members house and the wife is related to and knows the Nuttals! such a small ward the mormons live in. by the end of the day i was sweaty, gross and ready for a shower. slept like a baby.

Sunday- Today was a solid day. went to church early to greet people as they came in and then it was a music sunday so we got to listen and sing some of the ward members favorite songs and why they were their favorites. went home and didnt really eat cause we had dinner in a few hours and it was so good. steak and potatoes and apple pie. really glad i only had a few snacks prior to that or else id be gaining weight rapidly. visted a few ward members, planned out some of the week and then made our usual book of mormon calls. Should be a real solid week ahead. Tomorrow will be me sending and replying to emails, finally some basketball and then who the heck knows what else.

I love yall, i appreciate those of you that read this. If you want to hear about anything in more detail or anything hop in my inbox and ill tell ya or make sure i include it in next weeks email. chances are if youre curious someone else is too. No outlandish requests this week, just your love and support and emails/letters<3

Have a good week, im praying for ya and i hope im making yall proud. Will attach a few pics if i get to it

see you soon

Elder Smith


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