August 20, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Week 4 - Sweat-lanta baby

this week was crazy. so much to talk about. My time to write back today is limited so please dont be offended if i cant get back to you, i love you all. May add pics today but i am not sure.

tuesday- prison break baby. got to the airport and met this mission pres and his wife and trainer guys. went to the country club he belongs to for dinner and it was delish. went to the mission home and had a really good dessert of crepes and waffles. spent the night at the mission home with the other new elders. funny night.

wednesday- had a costco breakfast, the small cinammon rolls and what not. did some orientation type things about debit cards and cars and bikes and stuff. who to call when and how to do certain things while on the mish. Went to a building in fayetteville and got our companions. see pics for a few references. Elder Kaupoe (cowboy with a P) from las vegas is my trainer. had a small meeting and then were on our way to STILESBORO. that is my first area!! We live in a house, which is pretty tight not gonna lie. theres 4 of us and it is a good time. it was like an hour and a half drive from Peachtree City to a town called Dallas, Georgia. Went on a visit to see Laurie, she wasnt home. knocked my first like 5 doors and it was pretty terrifying. sweat a ton cause it was so stinkin hot. Met Ms bailey, more on her later, and had a Q and A session with the young women at the church. had Zaxbys for dinner tonight, had a kickin chicken sandwich and lemme tell ya, full 10/10. did a lil grocery shopping cause no one did it monday (my new PDay if you couldnt tell). missed everyone alot today. Kaupoe gets to go home in december, time flies so ill be there soon. also i am the designated driver for the companionship(which doesnt happen very often for fresh elders) the house has a weight room which is awesome for everymorning and i learned eating breakfast will be a struggle for me.

Thursday- Got up. worked out. Went to miss baileys today for some service. Ms bailey isnt really an investigator, just a friend of the missionaries who lets them do service and come over alot. we had to load a whole fence into a trailer and take it to the dump. we filled it once and took it and i swear her car almost blew up. i was so scared/concerned i prayed like 3 times in the car hahah. her son and husband and father helped us so it was fun. i havent sweat so much, they kept making fun of me, but none of them could back in a trailer so jokes on them. very cool family though. she made us koolaid and some like sweet chili and rice. pretty good. got cleaned up at the house after like 4 hours of service. went and did companion study in a chick fil a and didnt eat anything, which was weird. went to meet Laurie, shes kida crazy but she likes us and has 2 little dogs so that was cool. went to another brothers house and he was aweseome. inactive member coming back amidst family issues. what an example. he went with us to gails, who is a nice lady who is investigating the church. called a few people at night to read the Book of mormon with them. I realized today at this rate i am going to lose alot of weight.

Friday- good day. obviously. wokeup with a low bloodsugar so not much exercising happened today. had breakfast and a shower and some study time. set some goals for my self and then we had a district call. went to the library to do some family history work. did that for about an hour. had a small lunch of bean and cheese burritos(subpar at best tbh). had a weekly planning session at the local wendys. then did some new missionary training at the church building. Role playing stinks. so hard to take seriously. a brother named Moses came with us today to do a bunch of stuff, met with Laurie and drove us around to some other peoples homes to check in on them and meet some ward members. had dinner at the Torps. such a funny family. had Zaxbys again. made our nightly calls after some more driving around. Starting to feel good, need to stay humble but Kaupoe and i are getting more comfy and i am enjoying my self for the most part.

Saturday- Started with basically stretching and a bowl of cereal that i kind of regretted. wasnt that good and it spiked my bloodsugar pretty bad. tried to do comp study at wendys again but they were closed??? losers. went and did that and role playing at the church instead. went to visit some members but no one was home. went to get lunch with the Kennesaw state university elders at a local restaurant but the place was packed so we ate at the mall instead. was weird to be in a mall honestly. went and did another 4 hours of service at at ladys house, garage was a mess but she was great. went home and got cleaned up and went to a dinner appointment and they stood us up! totally forgot, its okay we got chick fil a instead. pretty average night after that. hoping sundays arent super long in the field.

Sunday- woke up at 6:30 as usual, accidentally fell back asleep til like 7:10, which i felt bad about. the service mustve really beat me and Kaupoe cause he did too. had some study time and more time to write. if you read this and want to write letters send me your address and ill send ya some mail. my address will be at the end of this email. anyway, went to church at 10:30, met a ton of people, said the opening prayer in sacrament. an RM that served in siera leone spoke and that was pretty cool. after church we went back home and had lunch and then went to a members home to visit. tracted in their neighborhood and had zero success. its all good though. went a street or two over and knocked on every door and all i did was SWEAT. so hot. visited Laurie, went to another members for dinner. such a good meal. reminded me of home. kept visiting other members after that and then went to the church for comp study and role playing. told Kaupoe why i hated them and then killed it so it was okay. super excited to send this and write yall for a few hours today

Love yall, my address for the next 6 weeks is

412 Oak Hills dr
Dallas, GA 30132

look us up on google maps and zilllow, im too lazy to take pics. thinking and praying for you all constantly. yall are fuel to my fire. send me stuff. i have a short wish list of

quarter length nike elites(for morning work outs)
snack food (but not too much)
the sheet music to illy fly away by kanye west, we have a piano i am trying to learn
and thats it.letters in general are awesome, ill write back asap, doesnt need to be pday for that i dont think.

Love yall, keep me updated and ill see you soon. Reminder that every day can be a good day if you choose to make it one. Striving to choose that every day.

Elder Smith


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