August 14, 2018


Provo MTC


Week 3 - Air Mail (left the MTC/flew to Georgia)

Typing todays email from 33,000 feet. Not sure when it will send as deltas wifi is trash but im writing earlier today. also pics are coming but are very delayed because i havent had a decent wifi connection since i left home. anyway. Im super excited to be going to Atlanta finally. I learned alot in the MTC but it was time to go. one can only take soo much cafeteria and its effects for so long, especially on a floor filled with dudes. overall it was a good week. tough to leave my zone and district but we are all going to do great things. im so excited to hear from all of them.

Wednesday- sack breakfast and early basketball. yuck. Palmer beat me in eyes closed around the world but i redeemed my self by killing it in a 3 point shoot out. lunch was quite the time. first of all, chicken alfredo. second of all, cheesy tots. third of all, we almost had a casualty. not even an exageration. a sister in the cafeteria appeared to be having problems breathing, and most everyone in the cafeteria didnt know why, and it certainly didnt look good. we guessed that it was a allergic reaction or choking, but it was lasting a long time to be a choking incident so we guessed allergic. well we were wrong, it turns out she had a partial blockage and was slowly suffocating until she eventually passed out. medics were already there and she ended up going to the hospital. an elder in my zone was able to give her a blessing as she was carted out and as far as we know she was okay but it was a scary moment. lots of prayers were said in that 20 min. pretty unsettling though, kinda ruined my tots but im glad shes okay. TRC with jose was good, he ate up the plan of salvation like candy and it made me excited to teach friday. got cookies from reagan and they wee so good.

Thursday- not quite as eventful as yesterday. breakfast, studying abd basketball. had a spike in emails, makes a day brighter. even got a real letter today. had a harder set of classes but its all good things, lots of learning.

Friday. ended up real good. very slow start, but no cleaning today because of a scheduling error. shot exclusively free throws and 3s with Elder Ashton today. shot pretty well. lunch was not good and class was alright. taught jose again and he is like the perfect investigator. loves and wants to learn and accepts our invitations and goes above and beyond. i hope i meet alot of joses in atlanta. just okay dinner even though it was pizza, and a long class at night. hung out with Grandon and Stead in our last class so that was fun.

Saturdays in the MTC are almost better than Pdays. had a bad breakfast (what else is new) and had a morning class which is unusual. had another multi district activity and it was fun, becoming better and better friends with Stead and Grandon. good guys. got my drivers license with my named spelled correctly on it. for those of you that dont know i got y utah license witht the name "austin smth" on it so i had to get it redone after i noticed it. went to afternoon class and it was good. dinner was awesome. i am noticing that i am typing alot this week so i apologize. but at dinner Steads district decided to do the tower challenge, which is emptying one of those giant cereal dispensers as a group and eatingit all instead of a self destructive meal. we got tons of cups of cereal and went to work. there was abou 14 of us so it really wasnt even that much, and the cereal was so much better than the real meal anyway. but a worker came out and asked us what we were doing even though she knew exactly what was going on and basically asked us to stop because they had a shortage of cups. we agreed o not do it again and she left. not 5 min later a furious cafeteria director came flying over and essentially kicked us all out of the cafeteria.said it was disrespectful and blah blah blah but we left and she made us throw away the dry cereal we still had left(??) even though we were definitely going to eat it. whatever, she took names but after about 10 people she probably felt pretty dumb cause we even had sisters doing it. nothing ever happened so all is well. skipped hooping to watch volleyball and played horseshoes up near the volleyball. baaadd bloodsugar day but i fixed it in the end.

Sunday-typical sunday start. long, boring and sweaty. sang a departure song as a zone to the one district that isnt leaving this week. very emotional moment. my eyes may have sweated a little bit, found out im 3rd cousins with my new branch presidents wife and then had two devotional and a sunday film(taped devotional) to end the day. learned alot of dutcha and spanish because it helps me pay attention in the devotionals. for example, "pardon, ik ben een appel" means excuse me, i am an apple. who knew right?

Monday- last day in this joint, finally. great day of hoopin today, played against good guys and played real hard. Ill miss playing with Ashton and Palmer.put a few response letters in the mail today (could be you but you playin) and then had taco bell for dinner. you can imagine what that was like. long night class, nice little testimony meeting after. somehow got my laundry done and also packed.

Today- got up at the butt crack of dawn(5:30) and got everything together and went to check out. rode a bus to the train, took the train to a tram and the tram to the airport. planes trains and automobiles today. got to make calls once we were settled at the airport. now i am sitting here cramped and hot and without the ability to send emails. wonderful.

I love you all, sorry i wrote so much but it was a good week. cant wait to tell you all about this upcoming week. so much Will happen. send me letters and emails, i love reading them and i will write back. thank you for supporting me and tuning in for this journey.

To quote a hymn we sang like 10 times this week, God be with you til we meet again

Elder Smith


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