August 7, 2018


Provo MTC


Week 2 - small case of the plauge

this week has been pretty good so far. lots of new teaching experiences and knowledge gaining taking place. i usually dont consider my self the smartest the guy in the room and especially at church things and not a thing has changed since being here. everyone here is so incredibly smart and talented and it is such a blessing cause i get to learn from literally everybody. very humbling experience, and i knew it was coming but its going better than i would ever expect.
been learning dutch on duolingo in the little spare time i have, gonna touch up my spanish too. also i dont mention eveytime we have class or a devotional or a workshop in the daily summaries but we are in those alot, so my days are alot more productive than i depict them to be.

wednesday- not too much happened. killed Elders Palmer and Ashton in basketball. had classes and our teaching opportunity and it went just okay. still learning lots. happy for the chances to practice and learn from them.
we as missionaries have so much to share and its just about learning how to present it the best way possible in each new situation. makes it very interesting.

thursday- the cafeteria is getting quite old if i do say so myself. actually everyone says that, but we dont have any other options so oh well. atleast its free. killed basketball today, i won knockout, 21 and 2 three point contests. i was most definitely feeling my self. started feeling a summer cold coming on, and boy was i right. also having a companion is really hard.i dont know if i mentioned that before but i am strugglig with elder augir. im trying really hard to love em but it is tough because we are so different. updates to follow on him.

friday- today was like the reckoning. my whole body hut from flu aches, my nose was runny and stuffy at the same time and i had a headache. horrible start to the day, im surprised i got out of bed honestly. Still played basketball hoping it would helpme feel better, which it did for a while and then i was just plain exhausted. our teaching practice went worse than thursday, and i figured out he ws already a mormon so he was just faking for our teaching purpose, which is fine i guess but i wish they told us up front. its okay though, atleast it felt genuine the first two lessons. struggled alot with Augir on friday and its become apparent to my whole zone and they understand why. its tough to put into words for you guys but trust me when i say im trying and not being dramatic.

saturday- crappy breakfast today, no body aches but still a pretty nasty headache and cold. had a good lunch, and the last teachig chance with our first guy went decently. taught him alot and invited him to read the book of mormon and to pray about it and he said that he would even though he was a fraud. made us feel good about it though. had a pretty bad dinner, went hoopin again and it was real bad. doing my best to love Augir. it is a daily struggle. im used to a dog following me around all day but not another 19 year old boy. The nostalgia for football and kanye and Kayla is real today. hopefully i make them proud(someone needs to get this to kanye please) my family left for Utah today and i oddly wish i was with them. driving with them is pretty fun and i havent moved in forever. felt a lil homesick cause of all of that. cant wait to get to atlanta instead of being here.

sunday- waking up sunday was awful. just a head cold today but it didnt feel great. getting over it though. I honestly wont miss sundays here at the mtc. they are so long and especially on a fasting sunday it was brutal. i get the most homesick on sundays, which isnt a ton but in comparison to the rest of the days its a little more. sang in the choir practice today, there is like 900 people in it so i can sing as loud and as bad as i want and still feel good about it. the choir sounds so good. we had a branch presidency change today. learned alot of dutch during the devotionals, it actually kept me paying attention so i may come home fluent in dutch.

Monday- got a sack breakfast today. played bad basketball. had my usual studying and classes, started teaching a new guy today and his name is jose and ill keep the details on him more specific than the last guy. we only got 25 min with him, so we got to know him and then invited him to read the intro page to the book of mormon, we will teach him again wednesday. struggled with Augir as usual, its never any worse its just the same thing every day. but i found out he stinks at basketball so thats ust the cherry on top. pretty good day overall. ready to get going.

Overall it was a solid week. i complain alot but i am learning so much and having a pretty good time. lots of basketball and time with good guys and girls. i love getting emails from people during the week of updates on their lives and happenings so please tell me all about what is going on! I love all of you, i pray for you all constantly and i hope i am making you all proud. im gonna send another email with a few pics after this one and put my address and stuff in it incase anyone wants to start writing letters or sending me snacks. either send me a letter and ill return the favor or email me your address and ill slide into your mailbox. also if for whatever reason someone else wants to get these emails send me their email and ill make sure they get the next one.

hope you all have a good week, praying and thinking about you all, hope to hear from you soon

Elder Smith


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