July 31, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Bradley Augir

It's Finally PDay.

Goodmorning friends and family! I have been waiting almost a week to send this email, but it is finally p-day or preparation day, which is basically my one day a week to write emails and do laundry and have alot of exercise time and that sort of thing. so there will be alot of words in this email today so i apologize for that. i am also on a funny keyboard so my spelling and capitalization might be off but i will do my best to make this as readable as possible!
Before i get going i just want to say thank you to those who have written me emails/sent me letters and packages. They truly are fuel to my fire and i LOVE getting them midweek. I can read emails whenever they are sent and same with packages and letters but i can only respond on Tuesdays. I love reading them midweek but if you send them please dont be offended if i dont get back to you very fast! i would love to be responding as soon as you send them but unfortunately i cant during the week. okay, on to my week. i take excerpts from my journal so if things are in weird tenses its because im switching from journal to my thoughts and back again.

Wednesday: woke up very early in order to get to the MTC on time. had a hard goodbye with the dog and my family, but i couldnt tell the dog where i was going so that made it especially tough. The missionary training center is so busy. I didnt even have time to breathe on wednesday. all good things but its crazy. Saw sister Caine at dinner so it was good to see a familiar face. slept like a baby the first night. The longer i sat in class the more i felt like this is where i need to be right now. very comforting feeling.

Thursday: Waking up at 6:30 wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be the first day. I learned today that having a companion was going to be harder than I thought. His name is Elder Augir(aww-grrr) and he is from Lewiston Idaho. he and i are very very different. it will be interesting to see how well we mesh this week. My district, which is 12 missionaries, 10 elders and two sisters, is SO funny, I havent laughed so much in a long long time. i would leave with a 6 pack if the cafeteria wasnt all you can eat. learned lots thursday, eager to see if my learning stays at this rate. Elder Augir and I were called to be technology specialists for our district so we basically make sure people use their mission phones appropriately.

Friday: really good day. Started with service and breakfast. cleaned the insides of all the sinks in a residence hall and also went on a treasure hunt for items left behind. Got a package from the Sorensons, had a jumbo bag of jerky and i ate that immediately. they also gave me enough cliff bars to last me my whole mission haha. thank you sorensons love you guys. today was a struggle with the companion cause im not used to someone following me around all day thats a human, im used to dogs so this is going to be difficult.

Saturday: poor bloodsugar day today. actually, just kidding. may have just overdosed on insulin(saturday night) so if you get this email i made it. anyway, im comfortable enough to eat here now and the portions are huge and limitless. had our first teaching experience and i thought it was horrible. Eldier Augir thought it was great so its all about perspective i guess. Got some more package today. One from Mom and kelly and one from Kayla. So incredibly thoughtful, but if yall keep sending food im gonna put on another 25 pounds!!! also its really fun to get pictures in the MTC to show off to your district that you have friends/family/significant others so if you have any pics of us or yourself that you want me to show off please send them. saturday night i was feeling so grateful for my experience so far and also for all of the love and support i have. I thought about everyone on this list and it just made me so happy and it gives me so much motivation to do what im here to do, so thanks for being you. Im trying very hard to make you all proud.

Sunday: I honestly dont have alot for sunday. It was by far my hardest day and i had alot more inadequate feelings and doubts than usual. we had meeting after meeting and there was no breaks really. Vented to Elder Bonner and felt much better. I love you all and keeping everyone at home in mind is what got me through today.

Monday: I had quite the turnaround. Monday could not have been any better. Basketball, good meals, great teaching experience, two hot pockets, three corndogs,lots of emails to read, videos of cute babies, news from my parents about their new house. if i went into extreme detail i would be writing for days but just know yesterday was my best day here and i feel so much better.

Today: today ill write some emails to those who have written me and then some. Ill do laundry, play basketball, choir practice, email some more and maybe even get a nap in if i use my time wisely enough.

Sorry again that this was so long! I love you all and i love what i'm doing here. I know this is where i need to be, and im so excited that i have a chance to make you all proud and to better my self and to eventually help the people of atlanta. If you have any questions about anything shoot me and email and ill do my best to respond fast! if you have any desire to send me a letter or package i can send ya my address or if you want it to be a surprise you can ask my mom. I love recieving both and will definitely return the favor. I hope you all have a great week, i love you all and im keeping you in my prayers and thinking of you constantly!

Until next week

Elder Smith


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