December 9, 2017


Missionary Trainin Center


Elder Gwilliam

Dear mom

Dear Mom,

I hope everything is going great and that you are having a great time getting read for Christmas. 🎄

Did you get my letter ok? and i hope you liked it. I am always so happy when i hear from you all. i both miss and love you all. how was St. George? and I am glad that you got the heater fixed.

well this is my last P-day here at the MTC and i am getting both nervous and super excited for going to the field. i will be the last one out of the elders in my district to leave next week. it goes my companion leaves Monday for New Jersey, then the rest of the elders leave Tuesday at 3:50 in the morning for Utika New York. after that it's is just me until 9:50 the same day. crazy right. but ya it is not so bad there's 7 of us total going to Anaheim me and the two sisters, plus 4 other missionary's 

how has my invitation for lighting the world been going i hope it is going well and that you are enjoying the blessings that you are receiving from doing it. I hope you all focus on the best gift of Christmas that we have ever gotten, our lord and savior Jesus Christ as we celebrate his birth this year. 

hey are you doing the family Christmas party at home this year? if so feel free to share my invitation with them and my message with them i will send that in a different email before Christmas. i hope they are doing in well. would you ask them to send me an email same with grandpa and Rena?

Again I hope you are all doing ok and I keep you in my prayer's each and every day. love you.


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