February 15, 2021


Santa Maria


Elder Preston Teichart

The race is on and here comes pride in the back stretch

Hey everybody, this week has been crazy! It feels like we have done so much which is a pretty good feeling! So this week our branch planned an activity to go play pickleball with the young priesthood holders so that was good and we got to know some more of our branch! It worked really well because when we went to church a lot of them came! That was a good change! Then we had a valentines party with the branch so we handed out baggies and then there was a music talent show and I got volunteered to play, so... I went up and played Bohemian Rhapsody so that was cool! I was asking pretty bad because 1 it was freezing cold outside and 2 I haven't played in front of people for a second Haha. Then I was on exchanges with Elder Sayre and we were walking down this road, we had talked to a few people and we came to a t in the road and had 2 choices and started walking one way but Elder Sayre was like let's go over there to talk to that guy (he was on the other side) so we turned around and the guy got in his car and drove away before we got there but we kept walking and nobody was outside, so we turned around and as we walked back a lady from behind was like hey, calling for us, long story short we talked, she had met with us before and felt bad about how she had treated missionaries before us so she invited us over for dinner and so on Sunday we stopped in and it was real nice of her. And to end off, Elder Teichert and I were walking down the road and 2 guys saw us and were like hey, do you want to play Basketball and so we balled up us 2 against them (both 24 years old) we only lost 11-7 but that's pretty good considering we were in shirt and tie! I do think I got a blister so that's fun! Anyway love you all and have a great week!

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