November 9, 2020


Oxnard, California


Elder Dylan Bloomer

November 9, 2020

Hey everybody! Hows it going? So FIRST THING IS FIRST! Clarification to Elder Bloomers email... WE DIDNT HIT THE POLE, IT WAS THE OTHER GUY! Anyway that happened, but this week has been a little bit slower than last week but it was still a good one! Honestly we have been trying pretty hard and we are seeing seeds being planted and hopefully we will see some cool things happening! But Elder Bloomer and I have been having a great time and we can't wait to see what will happen! Anyway, love you all and talk to you next week!

Here is Elder Bloomer's email for those who don't get it and know what is going on.
So this week was kind of rough! We haven't had much people come to church yesterday except for 1. Our friend that came to church is awesome, she's progressing really well and came to our stake conference yesterday and she really liked it so that was awesome! We have had a crazy weekend, I went get into much details but I'll just say this we are keeping busy that is for sure! The bright side of this week is that we did find 4 people to teach and that was awesome, even through a rough week there are always miracles to be found. Yesterday we were driving home and we saw a man pass us going about 100 down the freeway and then didn't slow down before he turned right and we heard him skidding in the turn then we went off and ran into a pole! It was scary to watch! (Looks like someone needs a Tiwi 😂 it's a device that we have in our cars that won't let us go fast or we lose our driving privileges). I was studying in Mosiah and I read about the story of Abinadi and that story is my favorite story in the Book of Mormon. As a missionary we can't be shy to talk about the gospel and Abinadi is the best example! Abinadi tries to warn king Noah and his people of their iniquities, but they reject him and he is burned alive! I always think how we are like Abinadi and can't be scared to share the gospel. We will be rejected at times, but we plant those seeds in the people's hearts and eventually bless someone listening like Alma hearing the words of Abinadi! Thanks for all y'alls love and support and I'll talk to yall next week! Adios.


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