February 10, 2020




Hermano Giancarlo Culquicondor

Missionary week letter to seminary students

Hey everybody, well it's kind of weird because I feel like a couple of weeks ago I was in your shoes reading all of these colorful papers on the table! Well I hope as you read them that you will take time to ponder and think about the invitations that all of the missionaries make to you. We only invite you because we know about the blessings that WILL come to you if you keep the promise. Well enough of that, I'm sure you all want to hear some cool stories so... While I have been here in Piura Peru I have learned so many things that I never really thought would have any impact on me. As I left to go out on the mission I had a mindset that it was going to be 2 of the longest years of my life away from family and things like that, but at the same time I knew they were going to be the best 2 years of my life because the Lord has prepared things that we can not imagine. So first of all cool and strange foods... My favorite food up until this point has been Ceviche which is a raw fish that is covered in lemon juice and topped with really spicy peppers! Sounds gross but its not! Well then my least favorite would be sudado which is also fish but the whole fish is in the bowl with some water and some veggies. Not my favorite! As for the language, I can officially understand everything that people say to me unless they are talking about doctor stuff! That does not mean they understand me jaja! But it's a blast here! Well the area that I currently serve in is the hottest area of my mission, it has hit 120 while i've been here! SOO HOT! I guess that gives me bragging rights jaja but more than anything, I just want to tell you all about the blessings of being here in the mission. Well I can honestly say that there would be no other way to do what we do without the Lord on our side. Something that happened with me while ive been here is that one day I was in my area walking in what seemed to me like the most unbearable heat I've ever felt. As we were walking, we found a member who had served a mission and had done all possible to help others. He actually went inactive and so when my companion told me about him I was honestly scared to talk to him because he had been a missionary and certainly knew more about the scriptures than I did. Well as we talked I almost didn't understand anything only having been here for 2 months. But I did what the prophets and apostles and our teachers have ALWAYS taught us. "You may not be able to change the person or their beliefs, but you MUST testify of what you know." So in my broken spanish i told this man what I knew and what he had to do. I had never in my life felt the spirit so strong, after I finished talking I found myself there crying in front of a man I had never before met. He, however, after I could see again, was crying as well. Something that the Holy Ghost told me to say touched his heart and changed him. From that day that man has come to church without fail. His son who is 7 is now preparing to be baptised by his father! I don't know what I said, he may not either, but the spirit always testifies of the truth. Our God will never leave us without words when he needs our help. I promise and testify to all of you that as you make even the smallest act of faith that you Will see the blessings of God. DO NOT FEAR ANYTHING! Fear is something that will never come from God. If you find yourself with that feeling, then say what you feel because it is only Satan trying to keep something important unsaid. I know these things to be true, I have witnessed them with my own eyes and ears. I ask each of you to ask your Heavenly Father in prayer what you should do. He will answer you. I love you all and I hope the best for you! One last quote to remember, " You are the examples of the believers" Until next time! Elder Albrecht


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