January 20, 2020




Elder Jaydon Ruchti

40 Celsius and rising

What a week! Seems like this week passed by so fast. It is kind of funny how the time here works, each week feels like 30 seconds and each day feels like 3 years. But i love it here and it is definitely an experience that im never going to forget here. Well you are all probably wondering why the 40 degrees thing, well the temperature here is 40 celsius which probably sounds pretty cold but really that is 104 degrees! My area right now is in a bowl so the heat stays really well so humidity makes it hotter and so our end feel like temperature is 120 degrees fahrenheit! It is so unrealistically hot here!!! But it is kind of humorous for a second. Well cool story from this week, We had a couple of kids a few weeks ago lined up to get baptised but their parents didn't want them to so we had spent a long time where we could have been teaching other people. It was still good to teach them because somewhere down the road somebody will help these people but just not us. But God has a plan and he prepared a way. So we actually had 2 other people get baptised this week and it was a tender mercy and a really cool experience. Apart from that we have had a really good week of meeting new people, some of them by accident but it is honestly so amazing! Well i hope all of you have had an amazing week. I'll talk to you the next one. Love you all.
Elder Albrecht


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