January 13, 2020




Elder Jaydon Ruchti

1/13/20 to mom

This Week
1. Monday we had district council and it was pretty good. Then our cita we had planned later fell so we had 30 mins left so we just contacted that night.
2. Tuesday, We planned a ton of really cool lessons and today was going to be great but we actually ended up contacting literally all day. And we did get 1 pmg lesson but that was all for all day.
3. Wendsday, Today we planned a decent day and it kind of went through we had 2 new baptismal dates set and 2 more contacts and 2 member present lessons. pretty good day. So we had 3 contacts by today and 3 member present and no news.
4. Thursday, Today was a lot of contacting too we had a member present lesson and a pmg lesson. No contacts or news or baptismal dates. A really long day.
5. Friday, Today we had weekly planning and then a ward activity so we literally did no missionary work until 730 and by then contacting is not effective and both of our citas fell so we had 1 member present lesson for the whole day.
6. Saturday, Today was the really good day with 21 contacts and 9 news and 1 mp and 1 pmg and 1 baptismal date. Super dope today.
7. Sunday, Church was really long and hot but we had a couple good citas and met some other good people!


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