November 25, 2019


Piura Central Tacala Peru


Elder Rivera

My week 11/25-journal

This week
1. We met with Milagros and Marlene and they are pretty cool but not really progressing so we are going to drop them. Then we taught a lesson to Miguel our recent convert.
2. Today we walked around all morning and that wasn't all that fun, kind of miserable actually. Then after lunch we went to all of our citas and all of them fell so we ended up with well worn soles!
3. Today We taught Evely and she is pretty cool, we asked her if she prayed and she said that she did and that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith is a prophet. So im pretty happy for that. Then we taught kelly and Kayla who are friends 1 member the other isn't. Then Cinthia for a minute and then The Family Carazco who have 1 member of the family who isn't baptised yet.
4. Today we had district council and then we finished teaching Cinthia and got a permission slip signed for her to get baptised! Then we taught Jesus and then Manuel and Paula.
5. Today we did weekly planning and then we did an invasion in our area with the other elders and then we did a mission night and we ended up in charge, No Surprise. But we don't know what to do so we went and bought 3 rolls of tape and just taped 2 little kids to the walls of the church.
6. Today we woke up and went to the church immediately to start boiling water for a baptism because the lady was super old. THen we walked around all day because the citas all fell but then Hermana Milagros saved us and got us preach my gospel lesson.
7. Sunday we went to church and got 5 attendances. Cinthia, Almendra, Paula, Manuel, Danae. They are all with baptismal date and all this cambio, but i will only see three because of the arequipa temple dedication.


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