January 9, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Barela

Barrio 3

¡Hola Famila Anderson y Amigos! ¿Como Andan? ¿Todo Bien Caballeros?

Well this last week was pretty awesome! We have been working really hard in Barrio 3. It's like the ward is coming back to life with our efforts. We have left with members every other day in the area and had 3 Family Home Evenings in the area. We also have 2 Investigators who are super awesome. We have high hopes for them!

Well this week we have had the opportunity to meet a couple of Crazies. It has been pretty fun. For example, We met a taxi driver named Leonardo who seemed really normal until about the halfweay point of the ride that we took with him. At about the halfway point he started to tell us about his Illuminate Conspiracies. It was one of the funniest things that has happened to me in my mission. Also another Homeless guy apporached us in the street yesterday who wanted to read our bibles that we were holding. The only thing is that we weren't holding bibles and started to explain to him about the Book of Mormon. Well he got super interested and wanted to read it. So we ended up giving him one and he read it for a minute, slowly pondering the words he was reading, turning page by page, then looked up at us, turned around and looked at his buddies across the street and yelled with his arms raised side to side "¡Llegó Papá Noel!" Which pretty much means Santa Claus has arrived. It was a hilarious experience!

Well I am barely getting by as far as transportation goes, We take 2-3 taxis everyday on average and it is starting to add up. Plus we have to take one to Barrio3 everyday which is like a 25 minute ride from the offices. But the good thing is that we able to contact a ton in Taxi and we have gotten a few references from doing that everyday. Now if my Financer companion would just get me some more money!!!

Speaking of my Companion. He is such a stud! I can't say enough good things about him! He is an amazing teacher and always has a cool new way to explain a gospel concept. I'm super happy to be together with him. We learn something new everyday together and we get along amazingly well! Elder Barela is THE Stud of the Misión Montevideo Uruguay Oeste!

Well our work continues down here. Don't worry everyone I am being super safe and I am finally feeling healthy again. So now I'm super happy! I hope that everyone is doing well!

Elder Arthur Anderson
Secretario Historico


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