December 28, 2020


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Christmas and Cookies

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 6:47 AM
Subject: Christmas and Cookies
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Hey everyone!This has been a wonderful week! Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy New Year!For Christmas we were able to decorate a bunch of cookies as a district, and then deliver them to people that we are teaching and members of the branch here in this area! It was so cool to see how much people appreciated just the simple gesture of dropping some cookies off to them on Chirstmas. There was a man named Anthony who is blind, and just moved here from North Carolina and has no family here. He left a bad situation, and so at this point has little communication with others in his family. Last week when we went to drop off to some of his furniture, and he expressed a bit of sadness at spending Christmas alone. However, when the Sisters stopped by to drop off cookies to him he was so thrilled! After he called the member in our branch that he knows and just expressed gratitude for making his day. That was a tender experience to learn that something so simple can mean so much to someone in need. For Chirstmas it was fun to be able to talk to my family as well. Technology has made so much possible through communication with family, teaching, finding and basically being a missionary at this point. It is incredible to see how much the Lord has blessed us to be able to work in this time in history and to help people come closer to him through sharing the gospel in normal and natural ways!Love you all and have  a good week!Elder WIlson


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