August 17, 2019


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Re: The last week...

Here are a couple pictures and a cool poem we found in class this week. “Living What We Pray For”:            I knelt to pray when day was done     And prayed, “O Lord, bless everyone;     Lift from each saddened heart the pain,     And let the sick be well again.”             And then I woke another day     And carelessly went on my way;     The whole day long, I did not try     To wipe a tear from any eye.             I did not try to share the load     Of any brother on the road;     I did not even go to see     The sick man, just next door to me.             Yet, once again, when day was done,     I prayed, “O Lord, bless everyone.”     But as I prayed, into my ear     There came a voice that whispered clear:             “Pause now, my son, before you pray;     Whom have you tried to bless today?     God’s sweetest blessings always go     By hands that serve Him here below.”             And then I hid my face and cried,     “Forgive me, God, I have not tried.     Let me but live another day,     And I will live the way I pray.”

On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 8:18 AM Andrew Wilson <> wrote:
Hey guys!This week has been a bit crazy to put it the nice way. Last Sunday I came to the realization that, guess what, this is my last week at the MTC. Our Branch Presidency sat us all down and gave us the standard lecture of no parties, no going away presents and so on and so forth, and told us to make sure we have our bags packed by Saturday so that we can keep the Sabbath Holy and not have to pack our bags then. So every day this week I have grabbed 3-4 things that I haven't been using, or will not use before I leave, and thrown them in my bag. So at this point I have very little left in my room. I have a few changes of clothes, my study materials, and f course my dirty laundry, but everything else is packed. I for sure got my visa, and my final flight plans, so I get to leave this week!!!! I will be flying out tomorrow at 11 pm, but I check out of the MTC at 8 pm. It seems so crazy to think that it is less than 36 hours I will be leaving for some third world country to teach the gospel to people who have never heard about it. Other than that this week has been pretty normal for me. Sunday night our devotional was by the MTC president and his wife. They talked about the temple ordinances and how we can prepare to take advantage of that opportunity that we have here in the MTC to attend the temple. They did an amazing job of encouraging us to prepare for the temple opening this week. They also taught about the importance of ordinances and covenants and how they are connected. They talked a lot about ho w we need to make sure that we are explaining how they are connected, other wise the ceremony can seem very strange, and very nonsensicle. That was something that I had never realized before, and would never have considered teaching, so its a good thing that he covered that. This week was also the end of the summer semester at BYU! How do I know that? Well, we found that our because all of our teachers have been gone for the past three days! Apparently since the summer semester ended they all decided to get their vacations in before the fall semester, and that meant this week. So we have had a ton of substitutes. It hasn't been horrible, but the subs are just never quite as good as our real teachers. I suppose I'll just have to forgive our teachers. We also seemed to spend a lot more time just practicing speaking Spanish and refreshing grammar subjects. It was a very nice review, but it also makes me realize how little I know about Spanish, and how much I still need to learn in order to be able to communicate well with others. I met someone who served in my mission again! She was one of our Member TRC Amigas! (Basically we teach a lesson to a member instead of to a non-member) We had a 25 minutes with her, and we were supposed to talk about the gospel, but once she found out where I was serving she talked about Santiago for a full 22 minutes about Santiago, leaving us with time to pray and ask her to share here favorite scripture. She was a member from South America who was raised speaking fluent Spanish. She then proceeded to tell me that for the first week that she was in the DR she had no idea what was going on because she couldn't understand their Spanish! That gave me a lot of something, but it sure wasn't confidence. I guess I'll figure it out, but I may not be speaking Spanish when I get home. This week our district decided to focus on strengthening our faith, so I decided to study faith as a part of my daily studies. As I was studying I rediscovered Alma 32 and all of the gems that it contains. One thing that really stuck out to me was the part before Alma defines faith and tells how it is like a little seed. It was the people. He talks about how humble they were, and how much of a desire the people had to follow his teachings. We each need to be the same way. We can't just expect to develop faith, we need to humble ourselves and learn how to trust in the Savior so that we can become faithful and follow his teachings. Love you all,Elder Wilson


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