October 12, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Lehi Roller mix and pancakes

thank you for the pictures and the package! this new shaver is nice. i like it a lot. the other one was getting really annoying. i mean, partly my fault but yeah i didnt mean to drop it. i think i dropped it anyways, thats my guess. i dropped it once but it did really do anything. and then about a week later i noticed it, so who knows.

anyways, the work this week was really really slow. and now im really really tired. but thats ok. we tried our best and not much came happened but we did try. other than that, im good. just tired. ive never been more tired. so this saturday marks 10 months that ive been out.

so what exactly is bruce's calling in the church? why are they in germany? i remember its because of the crisis going on over there, but like, yeah what is his calling that they would ask them to go over there?

so i wont try to ask for any more packages until my birthday thats going to be my goal. but if you would like to continue to send letters those are always appreciated. and also, i seem to have lost phils address so could you send it to me?

so i heard about the utes and i was really excited about that! im going to be up in springdale today with the zone so im going to be wearing my hoodie to represent. and i would just like to point out as jerry told me. there are 0 SEC teams in the top 5. does utah play byu this year?

so this computer is about to kick me off. thank you for the package, i made some of the muffin mix on saturday morning, we had a zone service project in my area so the siloam springs elders came down and we made pancakes and i made that and it was amazing. me and the other elder in siloam from utah ate pretty much the whole thing and talked about lehi roller mills and about how were going to have a great time hanging out when we get home. so anyways, love you!

On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 9:22 AM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:

Hello again!
So I have tried as almost 15 times to send the letter I wrote to you and it won't send. I will send it when I get home. I won't tell you everything that is in it now. I think it might send all of the letters at once. Hopefully not. But you only need to read it once. I didn't add anything knew.

How are you? How is everything? How is the work?

I had a tooth break again and went to the dentist. I am getting a crown. Dad got dental insurance so it's not going to cost me thousands of dollars so I might get a few more done.

We are getting ready to leave so I need to go but I just wanted you to know I didn't forget to write or anything.

I will share a scripture now cause I didn't in my last email. I can't copy and paste on my phone though.
2 Nephi 2:8.

I love and miss you!


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