October 5, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Conference and Fayetteville

this was tuesday evening just after eating chili's. its this little park just next to the washington regional medical center. i was very excited to be able to sit down and just relax for a bit. i was dying. #hatebikedays

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Andrew Olsen <> wrote:
my inspiration juices are a little low today so hopefully this email doesn't suck too bad! haha jokes we all know i write the greatest emails.

so monday was pretty cool i displayed my dominance at basketball. i am still known as #alphamale. ok well that depends on who i play, but whos counting right?

tuesday was the day of all days. we had so much planned! we were going to have a party at the library that we do service at! the ladies that work there are hilarious and the week before they were having a great time so of course i told them that that wasnt allowed. but then as we were leaving they said we should do this again next week! and i was like alright we'll bring the party hats! they probably didnt take us seriously. we bought some, i dont mess around with something as serious as this. we were going to help one of my favorite investigators move out, and that night we were eating dinner with an awesome family with an awesome priest who was celebrating his 18th birthday and was going to come out with us that night! like i said, we had a lot of good things planned. so heres what actually happened. elder olsen, you are coming to fayetteville for an exchange with a different elder thomas, not your companion. so in my thinking, im missing all of this great stuff, but how bad could it be? i mean, its fayetteville! most of you know, i absolutely love fayeteville. this area does not have a car. fayetteville is pretty much the opposite of flat. and pretty much no one talked to us. but hey we got free chili's from a member so it wasnt all bad!

wednesday: we had a wingin-it district meeting. we never recieved an agenda as to what our meeting was supposed to be about. so upon talking with the zone leaders and other district leader we a had a legendary combined district meeting! afterwards went to the mall and ate lunch. i love that place so much. that night we played ball with the elders quorum of the ward and i again and am still known as, the alpha male. ok not really, i lost like half of my toe nail when i landed weird so i was pretty much out for the night. you cant say i didnt try though!

Thursday we went up to siloam springs and had another legendary combined weekly planning session! it isnt as legendary and some that were known to have happened with elder lopez, but hey they arent bad! #close2nd

Friday: we helped an awesome family in our ward move... to a much larger home still in town! that was pretty much most of our day. man i really dont plan on having that much stuff. ever. like, im limiting my self to like 20 items max. (a bunch of cd's counts as 1 item.) so on and so forth.

Saturday: Conference! so that day we just hung out with this brand new 18 year old priest whos birthday i missed.. and watched conference at the church, buried a members dead cat.. got free subway, then back to watching the 2nd session. a member brought dinner to us at the apartment, saw our recent convert scott, then off to the ice cream social and the priesthood session!

Sunday: we watched conference at the churchwells! they are an awesome elderly couple who own a candy company! pretty cool stuff. then after dinner he came out with us and just hit the pavement pretty much. it was a good time.

so im sure many of you are wondering what my favorite talk was. i would have to say either elder hollands talk about mothers or president eyering's from the priesthood session. i think president eyering is probably my favorite speaker.

so my thought for the week comes from elder hollands talk. im not going to quote any of it. but y'all should go read it! so to all you mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, or future mothers, y'all are amazing!

i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.
also, in all of conference there were 3 pottery references and 1 skiing reference! in case anyone was wondering. so yeah this conference was pretty great!

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 12:44 PM, Andrew Olsen <> wrote:
so i took this when i found where it was. i knew it was somewhere, just couldnt find where. its the address to our church building here in PG! for those of you wondering, 801 is the area code for phone numbers back home!

also, im not very photogenic.. i was talking while taking this selfie and i thought it turned out ok so enjoy!

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 12:39 PM, Andrew Olsen <> wrote:
this is scott. the one who was baptized just under a month ago. i finally remembered to get a picture with him. like halfway through the lesson i promised my mom i would send some pictures this week so i decided this would be a good one!

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 12:37 PM, Andrew Olsen <> wrote:
this was tuesday evening just after eating chili's. its this little park just next to the washington regional medical center. i was very excited to be able to sit down and just relax for a bit. i was dying. #hatebikedays


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