September 7, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

Not much time

hey sorry i dont have much time. but most of my information is from my big email. so anyways yeah, pretty excited. except that i get more responsibility. but ittl be a good time. yeah i must say i really like fayetteville. so im not surprised about that. yeah you should look up the clothesline fair. im going to go back to it after my mission. its awesome. anyways, i love you!

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How are you? I understand the weather there is really hot for the next few days. Hopefully you are surviving okay. It is kind of cool here. We had a cold front come through and now it is unseasonable cold here. It is supposed to warm up again by tomorrow though so that makes me happy. How is the work? I hope you were able to hold the baptism that you told me about. Tell me all about it. When is your next transfer. I used to be more on top of it when the sisters were here. They would always let me know when it was about to be a transfer and you are on the same transfer schedule as the missionaries here.

That is so cool that you might be able to get some vinyl Beatles albums!! I can't even imagine that anyone would ever just give away their Beatles albums. That is just wrong!! But how cool for anyone who was able to buy them. I still have some but nothing to play them on. Some time I will have to get a record player again.

Did you do something fun last P-day? You didn't seem to have much time to write and It was kind of late in the day when you did email so I wondered if you had gone somewhere or done something fun.

I read one of those news articles that was about the top 12 Best small towns in the US and Fayetteville, Arkansas made the list. No one from Utah made the list and I was a little surprised. I thought maybe Park City would make it.

The garden is starting producing really well now. I have been making enchilada sauce all weekend. I have made both red and green. I used the tomatoes for the red sauce and Hilary and Robert's tomatillos for the green sauce. They are pretty good so that is kind of fun. I usually just do Italian sauces so this was different for me. We also have a lot of butternut squash and eggplant. We will have to have the burritos with the squash soon. I am having book club here this week and it is the month when we do a dinner so we are going with a Mexican food theme so I will be able to use some of my sauces then.

Jeremy is starting to get ready to pack. He thinks he will be closing on September 18th and moving on the 21st. His house is really nice. It is pretty big also.

Dad and I watched Lucas on Saturday while Carolyn and Ryan went to buy a new bed. Lucas is so cute. He is getting to be so happy all the time and is very close to crawling. It is so fun to have him so close. We tend him every Monday night also. Just one more reason that Monday is now my favorite day of the week. The other reason is because I get to here from you (expect on holidays).

I have jury duty this coming week. So far it looks pretty good. They are closed on Monday and aren't seating jurys on Tuesday so maybe I will get out of going all together. I certainly hope so. I really don't want to go down there. I am sure that if I do I will just be dismissed because Phillip is in law enforcement.

Dad had a new carburetor put on the Vette this week. That made him happy. He now has some other stuff he wants to do to it but I can't remember what it is.

So I don't usually give you the sports news but I think I will let you know that Utah won their game this week. It was pretty exciting. The news commentators had called it a cupcake game for Michigan and then Michigan sent the Utes 3 dozen cupcakes. Anyway it was a pretty sweet win for Utah. BYU also had an amazing win at the last second of the game with a Hail Mary pass from a new quarter back because their quarterback broke his leg and will be out for the rest of the year. USU also won but I don't know anything about that game at all. All in all the football season has been very exciting this weekend.

Today was fast and testimony meeting and it was really good. I could feel the spirit there really strong today. It wasn't even that it was anything or anyone that gave an amazing testimony or said anything special. It was just the spirit bearing witness that the things that they were saying is true. I love meetings like that.

The scripture that I want to share today is 1Thessalonians 2:4. I think the New Testament is pretty cool. I really enjoy studying it.

Pray always, be obedient, work hard and wash your sheets.

I will love you forever.


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