June 8, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

You Would Not Believe Your Eyes, If 10 Thousand Fireflies, lit up the sky as I fell asleep

Alright everyone! what a great week it was! so i guess we will just jump right in!

Monday: FINALLY something different! after the usual, we went to the family life center which is pretty much just a free REC center run by the baptists. and we met up with some youth in our branch and played some basketball. and eventually some other random people showed up and asked us if we wanted to play, so of course! anyways, i had played these guys before with elder lopez and michael and we wrecked them. this time with devon and haven and well, it was close but we lost... its alright though. next time!

tuesday: umm tuesday was cool. thats about all ive got on tuesday.

wednesday: we were on exchanges so i was up in aurora, and i didnt just sit there for the whole day this time! everyone actually spoke english! (aurora is a spanish area) umm it was pretty cool actually. i dont really recall any details but just that it was awesome. this elder i was with is pretty new. he's almost done being trained. and at the end of the night as he was writing in his journal he just got super stoked about the day and looks up and was like "this was the best day of my mission so far!" while i was playing their banjo. yep. their banjo. i have absolutely no idea how to play a banjo it just sounded cool.

Thursday: long meetings! yay! well actually it was super cool to be honest. we had zone conference so that means i actually got to go to a city. (weird. i know.) and i got to see a BUNCH of missionaries that i hadnt seen in forever! i got to see elder gehring, elder lopez, elder wilde, elder naef, and just a bunch more i hadnt seen in forever! and plus it was president shumway's last zone conference. im gonna miss him! he is way awesome! and he lives in utah so hopefully when i get home i can go visit him! but yeah it was just a way fun day.

Friday: we started a bible study class at a rehab center so that was fun! we started in luke 1 in case anyone is wondering.

Saturday: umm saturday was fun. we taught an investigator about family history at the library and stuff so that was cool. then saw this guy who to be honest i never thought would pray or keep commitments or anything. then on saturday we invited him to pray about some questions he had and he said he would think about doing that! progress! it was cool. oh he also caught a firefly and squished it then took the glowing stuff and drew with it so that was cool, except that he drew with it on my BRAND NEW white shirt.... not cool..

oh yeah! speaking of which, whoever told me there werent fireflies out here needs to rethink their lies! cause there are! i actually saw fireflies in person and i must say they are way cool to watch!

and sunday: umm it was cool, while we were tracting out in wheaton some lady gave us some peaches for the road haha and now were going to go back and teach her on thursday! i really do love tracting. i hated it for the longest time but its way awesome in case you are all wondering! i want you all to contact your local missionaries and ask them if you can go tracting with them! they would love that.

umm thats the week.

the scripture of the week this week is from DC 1. can anyone tell me what the very first word is? its "HEARKEN." i want y'all to just go and read DC 1 with a highlighter and some pencils for note-taking. its cool to think that after like a very very long time of no new scripture or anything like that, the very first word for this dispensation is "HEARKEN." just some food for thought.

anyways i love you all! y'all are awesome! work hard! then you can play hard.

-Elder Olsen.


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