February 10, 2020




Elder Rojas


Hola fam y todos! Hope everyone is doing well!

Recién I just heard about the little brother of a dear friend of mine, Kohl's little brother Luke Knight, who passed away this past weekend. My heart goes out to the whole family and everyone down there in AZ. Love you all.

This week was good! We travelled a ton and lost a ton of time haha, but it was still nice. I'll try to explain it day by day in a moment, so be patient with me haha.

But we're gonna have baptisms this Saturday! A wonderful mother named Sonia and her 13 year old son named Alejandro. They've been through a ton and we've been teaching them for a few weeks, and they're excited for Saturday! We're hoping another friend of ours named Ezekiel will make it for this Saturday too, but we're gonna see.

So on Wednesday we had to go to La Plata to start exchanges with missionaries from a different area, which was an hour in bus each way. Then Thursday we had to do it again to end them

That Thursday it rained a little in the morning, which was cool and all, but it rained just enough to put it at like 900% humidity for when the sun came out the whole rest of the day haha. And the Bikes broke a little so we had to walk the whole day, and lots of it in vain haha but it's all good! We lived hehe.

Thursday night they told us we had to be in Quilmes the following morning at 8, which is a 2 and a half hour ride with 2 buses and a train, so you do the math :´) It was an early morning, haha, and the rest of that day was good! Saturday we were able to have a normal day and get lots done so yuhhh. 

I couldn't take lots of pictures this week, but there should be one of me wearing a very drunk / high / who knows what man´s hat. We were sitting there teaching Sonia and Alejandro and he was just sitting there and no one knew who he was haha, but he had a cool hat so I asked him to let me borrow it a moment and he did, so basically I'm awesome.

But I love you all! Have a good week and thanks for being amazing! (urrah por Israel)

Elder Andreasen


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