November 7, 2022


Manhattan, NY


Elder Pead

Bye Bye New York!

Sup team

Hope everyone had a great week, if not keep pushing forward. This week will be better!

Been bad at writing emails lately, sorry about that. Both not much and a lot has happened in the last few weeks. We have a few baptisms coming up, Tracy on Nov 18 and Kenny, Chris, and Harson on the 26th so please pray for them! They are super awesome and are excited for it! Been grinding a lot the past few weeks and haven't seen the success I've been hoping for in the district. Put in a lot of work trying to help the other district members to increase their vision and maybe I helped, maybe I didn't. But I know I gave it my all so I'm pleased with that! In everything you do give it your all, especially when working in the church. This is the Lord's work and he deserves nothing less than our absolute all.

Found some really cool people this last week and they are super cool, excited for them to progress. The Lord has his hand in the work for sure. This week was transfers and I'm going to Connecticut, I'll be serving as a Zone Leader there with Elder Iverson, he's an amazing missionary. Excited to learn from him. The Lord likes to stretch me and I will most definitely be stretched this transfer, but I'm excited for it. Gonna be fun

Always rely on the Lord in all you do and always remember Him! He is the master healer, the prince of peace, the king of kings. His arms are always stretched out to you! I want you all to go back and read the sacrament prayers and really focus this week on living how it says to live, especially to REMEMBER HIM. It's easy to lose sight of him in our increasingly crazy and busy world, but I bear you my witness that as we always remember him and have our will swallowed up in his will we will NEVER go wrong

Love you team!

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Me and harson
The last district Pic
Big saw thing
Halloweed party
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