September 19, 2022


Manhattan, NY


Elder Pead


What's up everyone! Hope this last week was great and better than last, if not, keep the faith, it'll come!

Great week! A lot happened and I'm truly humbled to be in the service of the Lord, what an opportunity.

Many miracles happened this week, I'll just share a few

First off Dorothy and Olive were baptized and confirmed members of Jesus Christ's restored church! It was an amazing experience. They were both so excited after and I confirmed Dorothy which was cool. This truly is the Lord's work and the greatest and most important work on earth, i testify of that.

After the baptism we went finding cuz we were a little behind on our goal, we were out for a little with little luck so I said a prayer for God to lead me to who he wanted me to find. I then walked to a Dominican party that was going on and talked to the people and found a guy named Eric. He was cool, taught a lot of the resto and gospel to him, but he talks a lot so it took like 30 min. Setup a time to meet again and that was it. We kept walking and my comp says "were really close to financial district" (a very wealthy part of manhattan) and usually when i hear that I go the opposite direction because they are generally not willing to listen to our message. But I just thought to go towards it. Passed some projects and talked with people, got laughed at a little, and then the last person I talked to was the reason why. Her name was Kizzy and she had just broken up with someone she was with for 8 years. He had been lying to her and she was broken and needed healing. I taught her about the restoration and the gospel and put her on bap date. She then came to church the next morning and loved it. I testify to each of you right now that the Lord is in charge of this work. We can be used as instruments in his hands as we desire it and do what's necessary. The Lord will answer our prayers ESPECIALLY when it is for the benefit of others.

Lastly Elder Rasband came to our mission with his wife and Elder and Sister Gerard too. It was amazing! The spirit they bring is marvelous. Elder Rasband said many things that stuck out to me and that would bless your lives as well, but I will only share 1 thing. He said to always "remember to remember". He encouraged us to write down how we feel more than what we hear. He told us that when hard times come, not just in the mission but in life, and they will come, to remember to remember. Remember the FEELING of the SPIRIT. We talk with so many people on the street each day and help them to feel and recognize it. After each street contact I warn them just as Elder Rasband warned us. I tell them that when the hardships come, when the doubts, fears, and everything come to REMEMBER how they felt as we talked. It is crazy how quickly people forget. So that's my invitation to you. Remember to remember, I promise you that your testimony will stay strong as you remember and that you will have the strength to get through all things!

Love you all, I'd love to hear updates from you all on life!

Elder Williams

Comp lackin


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