August 22, 2022


Manhattan, NY


Elder Pead

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What's up Guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while, been busy and just forgetting to do it. But things are great! I got transferred to another part of Manhattan. The work is moving forward so fast its awesome to see! My boy Jose got baptized in my old area this last saturday so im happy for him, sad I couldn't see it tho. Another person i found in that area is getting baptized this week, her names Leah and shes awesome too. This week was a grind for sure, im training again and my sons a beast! His name is Elder Pead from Santa Rosa California. Hes awesome, love the guy. We blinded into the area so we werent left with much to do so we had a lot of grinding on the streets. There are super cool people here and a lot who are totally ready to hear the message, just have to find them! It was a good week tho, found some super cool people and put them on date. I hope to be able to see them baptized because theyre awesome. Ive learned so much on my mission so far and its been awesome to see the change in myself and my conversion to Jesus Christ and his Gospel!

Spiritual Thought: This past week our mission president asked us to do a study on Holy men and Holy women and we talked about it during our sunday night devotional and one thing was said that was said really stuck out to me. One of the senior couples said to "Remember who you are." This really stuck out to me because it was something that my parents had told me all growing up, but this time it meant something different to me. To remember who we are is not only to remember who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ and examples to others, but its to remember who we are eternally. We are ALL sons and daughters of God. The supreme being of everything! We have divine potential and literally his power within us. We can have greater access to this power as we live worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We will have more power to overcome trials and obstacles that come our way and we will find true peace in this life. I testify of the love that God has for each and everyone of you. He is always aware of you and your situation and is eager to help. Everytime you have any negative feeling, ALWAYS remember who you are!

Love you all!
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