May 9, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Cahoon

The hot dog factory

Good morning everyone! Hope you've all had an amazing week and happy late mothers day to all the amazing mothers out there! A lot happened this week per usual, I'll keep it shorter tho.

Tuesday- Tuesday was a ride, we woke up and got ready and stuff and at 10am we get a text from someone who said they needed our help, so we called them. It's this guy and he's the Dad of a girl I found a week before. She was super cool when I found her and I put her on bap date on the street and she was like yeah I'm so excited to come to church and stuff. But long story short, she had gone missing like 2 days after I talked with her and the dad thought we knew where she was, she had been missing for like 5 days at this point. But we said we don't know and explained what we do as missionaries and there was a detective on the phone and he's like "this is detective (don't remember his name) and he's like I need you to come down to the 43 precinct right now, I wanna talk with you. So we went and stuff and he was super chill and said he knew who missionaries were and questioned us a little and he said to watch out for the dad because he was suuuper angry and was looking for us I guess. So he was like watchout for him. So we're on our way home walking down to our house and there's a guy smoking so we invited him to church and he's like. Are you the missionaries? So we said yeah and he's like I talked to one of you this morning and said he's her dad. So we were like uh oh, but he was super cool and apologized for everything and stuff, definitely a cool interaction with a guy who thought we kidnapped his daughter. But after that it was a normal day.

Wednesday- normal day, taught a lot of lessons and stuff and found people

Thursday- good day, we had interviews with President which went well, I walked through part of central park so that was cool. After interviews president gives the AP's money and is like "all you go get some lunch" so we got lunch with the AP's so that was fun, love those guys. But then we had some good lessons and stuff

Friday- don't really remember if I'm being honest but it was probably normal

Saturday- had some cool lessons and stuff and put some cool people on date

Sunday- found a lot of new people and put some on date, good day. Also mothers day so that was cool. We also called the girls dad again and she was back so that was good.

Spiritual thought- there are many things that I want to say for this, but Ill pick one. I want to talk about a quote from another one of Jeffrey R Hollands talks entitled "A Perfect Brightness of Hope." The quote is "we did not come this far only to come this far." I love this quote because it's true, each and every one of us has not come this far, making it to earth just to come this far. We are here to push forward continuing to improve each day and have a "perfect brightness of hope" that through our efforts we will one-day receive our greatest desire, to inherit heaven and live with God and our families forever. To all of you who are struggling with anything right now remember, you have not come this far only to come this far. The Lord has a work for each and everyone of us. We need to press forward with hope, believing that one day it will all work out!

Love you guys, it's great getting emails so please do it!

Elder Williams


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