May 2, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Cahoon

There will be two letters this week!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have had an amazing week! You guys gotta email me and update on everything! Lots of stuff has happened in the past few weeks, but it's been good. The Lord is truly amazing and will bless you as you are faithful to him!

I'll start off by saying I've had bacon and eggs for almost every meal for 3 weeks now and it's starting to get old haha! But the week was good, still working things out with my comp, but we're good. There were a lot of cool experiences this week but I'll just share a few. First off I'll tell you guys about Tom. Tom is an absolute legend. I met him in a McDonald's and he's something else for sure, he's a 58 year old guy who thinks he's the Emperor of the US. He said he declared emperorship back in 2001 so yeah, I'm teaching an emperor. There's a lot more to Tom, but Ill just leave it at that and I'll share a picture of him also.

On Thursday, one of our formers names popped into my head and I felt to call him, so I did. He answered and was super excited and stuff and I taught him a little there and I put him back on date! We had a few lessons with him this week and he's so awesome! He was in Jamiaca on vacation but still wanted to meet, he's awesome! In one of our lessons he was telling us how amazing he felt during it and how he's he's waiting his whole life for this! He came to church Sunday and is on track for his date!

We've been teaching a lady named Lashawn for a few weeks and she's a beast, I love her. Hes getting baptized on the 14. She has been telling us that we've helped her so much in her life and she's had a pretty rough life. She feels the spirt so strong when we meet. When I said the first vision in one of our lessons, she told me that she'd never felt like that before and she felt so calm and peaceful. The spirit is real you guys! Also a few days ago she calls us and goes "guys I just wanted to let yall know, I don't know how, but I tested positive for cocaine" so that was a funny call. She went to the hospital yesterday and she apparently has a kidney infection so she said that's why she tested positive. She's funny tho

Last night I heard gunshots like all night.

For my spiritual thought this week I wanted to focus on a talk by Elder Jeffrey R Holland titled "The Greatest Possession". It's an amazing talk and I encourage all of you to read it, but I want to focus on a quote from it. It says "When the love of God sets the tone for our lives, for our relationships to each other and ultimately our feeling for all humankind, then old distinctions, limiting labels, and artificial divisons begin to pass away, and peace increases." When i read this it really hit me hard. In a world full of hate and turmoil, almost everyone is looking for both peace in the world and peace in their own lives. Right here an apostle of the Lord gives us the answer. "The Love of God". I have seen this in first hand experience on my mission. As I've increased my love for God, my love for EVERYTHING else increased more than it ever has! Elder Holland later talks about the 2 great commandment, to love the Lord God and to love thy neighbor. He says the only way to effectively love thy neighbor is to love God first. He says "If we love God enough to try to be fully faithful to him, He will give us the ability, the capacity, the will, and the way to love our neighbor as ourselves." I know this has been pretty long, so sorry about that, but I just want to add my testimony to Elder Hollands and say that truly as our love for God increases, we find more peace and joy in this life than ever before!

Love you guys! Please email me!

1. 200 lb dog
2. Tom In full uniform
3. We had to break into our apartment because i forgot the keys
4. Me at the zoo with lots of animals
5. Tom and me
6. Toms business card


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