March 21, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Satini

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What's going on everyone! Life in the Bronx is awesome as usual. The work is continuing to hasten on and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be apart of it! This week was a grind as always and like last time, I can't remember what I did soooo I'll just say a few things.

I want to talk about the importance of missionary work. Not just full time missionaries, but all of you as well. Our purpose here on life is to learn, grow, and progress to live with our Father in Heaven once again. As we learn and grow, we can better help both ourselves and others on their eternal progression. We gain experience and knowledge and know how to help others learn and grow from our experience and mistakes as well as theirs. This isn't just this life we're talking about, it's forever. That's how important this work is. We need to continually be conscious about those around us and how we can help serve them and help them on their journey to live with God. We need to be aware of others needs, be tender to them, and show compassion to them. As I've been out here on my mission, I've learned and grown soooo much already! I've begin to understand the importance of the work we do and in turn have grown a love for not just the work, but the people as well. The best way to be a missionary is to live as Christ would live. I've studied a lot on Christlike attributes while I've been out here and have really been trying to work on those for myself. One attribute I've been really working on is charity. To have UNCONDITIONAL love! To love others no matter what happens, no matter how they treat you. Under any condition, you love them and continue to help them. I've seen such a difference in myself as I've grown my love and charity for the people here, helping them on their journey no matter what happens. I've been happier, felt the spirit more, and been overall just better! It's been such a blessing in my life to see how missionary work changes lives. I invite each of you to work on charity. Love all those around you under any condition. I promise as you do you will experience more joy and peace in your life and you will have a better relationship with Jesus Christ. Love you all and miss you!

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-Elder Williams

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