February 28, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Satini

Sorry for the delayed post......

Sorry I posted this so late--

Feb 28, 2022

What's going on everyone! Hope you've all had an amazing week. These past 2 weeks have been awesome and I'm loving it here in the Bronx. This week is transfers and I'm staying here in the Bronx with Elder Satini to finish my training! I'm super excited about that because I love it here and the people also! We found the most new people we've found together so far, we found 55 new people so that was awesome! Also we had an INSANE month for baptisms as Mission. Last month we broke the NYC mission record with 68 baptisms as a mission but this month we baptized 109!!! Absolutely crazy out here. Also last Monday someone stole my phone and I had the SIM card so that made for an interesting start to the week.

Tuesday: Mondat night we got a new SIM card and phone so that was nice. Had our last district council and it was good, we all bore our testimonies after and it was cool. Ate Popeyes for lunch after that which is always nice. Had a fire lesson with a media referral and we put her on baptismal date, her name is Dinelly. Had a lesson with Chris and we moved his date back a week but he's a best he'll definitely make it now.

Wednesday: Called some people and found some fire people to teach. When we went street contacting I had to use pen and paper because the new phone they gave me had a password on it so I went old school, but it was still good. Then we had a fire lesson with Dinelly and she is progressing very well!

Thursday: Great day, we went on exchanges this week and I once again went to the Spanish area, but it was cool. We had a lesson with a lady named Alexandra and it was awesome! I taught some of the lesson and Elder Rosas would translate for me, we put her on bap date! Had another fire lesson later with Juana and this lesson I taught like the whole thing and Elder Rosas once again translated and we put her on date also!

Friday: We found a lot of people and stuff and had some good lessons, found a dope guy named Edwin and put him on bap date. Had a lesson with Denise and Harry and they are so awesome! The difference in them is truly amazing to see from before their baptism and after! Their faith and testimonies are growing so much and it's so cool to see!

I forgot to write in my journals Saturday and Sunday, but we put 3 more people on date I think and finally got 11 people to church!

I just want to leave yall with something we talked about in Elders Quorum on Sunday. We read the talk from the October 2021 General Conference called "The faith to act and become". I'd recommend reading it, it's awesome. But it talks about an experience he had as a newly ordained area of the seventy. He had the opportunity to eat lunch with President Nelson and so he decided to ask him for any advice he had, President Nelson's response was "You are called for what you can become." That really stuck out to me because it's so true and it applies in everything! We are called to this earth for what we can become, to ultimately be like God. We were put on this earth because we ALL have the potential to become like God one day. Not on our own though, only through Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Whenever you are struggling in life, remember why you are here! To become like HIM! Put your trust in Christ and he will help you become the person God wants you to become, to reach your full potential!

I love you all so much, please email me i love hearing from you guys !

Elder Williams

(Sorry I don't have any photos this week)


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