February 14, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Satini

Can I Touch Your Hair?

What is going on everyone!!! I hope you all are amazing and had a great week! This week was soo fun! It was a long week but it went by so fast, it's crazy how fast it goes. But I'll go through the week

Tuesday: Tuesday was a great day! We had district council and the Zone Leaders were there and it went great. After that we went on exchanges with the ZL'S and I went with Elder Lefevere and Elder Brady. They are studs and are awesome missionaries! We went finding most of the day and it was crazy there! I found like 14 people that day, it was INSANE. But I found this super cool guy named Fred and we talked for like 20 minutes about God and his relationship with him. He was talking about how his life had been crazy the past few months but he but he pray and read the scriptures and he said the difference was amazing! It is so true though. When we put God first in our lives he truly does bless us and our life changes. Please continue to put God first and if you're not, please start now to do so. It WILL change your life I can promise that. But after that we we had some lessons and they went good! One of the lady's we taught was high, so that was a fun lesson. Last month the ZL's baptized Kyrie Irving's aunt!!!! That's so dope and we called her up and set up another lesson with her and talked about Kyrie for a Lil naturally. But she's so awesome. But earlier when finding I was talking to lady and she was acting really weird. She said "you're blonde" and I was like yes I am, and she was like "awesome" and i was like yup and she said " if you really cared about me and wanted me to come to church, you'd let me touch your hair, can I touch it" and I said no and she walked away so yeah that was weird.

Wednesday: Today was a good day, we had interviews in Manhattan and and it was so cool. Manhattan is crazy guys, wayyy different than the Bronx. I had chick fil a there and it was like 12 bucks for a normal meal, never doing that again. We had a lesson with Devonte and he was high so we rescheduled for another time. He said the closing prayer for us though and was thanking God for legalizing Marijuana here🤣 we've got some work to do. Then we had an INSANE lesson with our guy James who is getting baptized this week. He is so cool and studies the Bible and Book of Mormon everyday and prays. He is so excited for his baptism and in our lesson he shared his testimony with us that he knows the things we taught are true and that the Book of Mormon is true! If any of your are unsure about anything, ASK GOD! James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." You will recieve your answer as you ask in faith.

Thursday: had some good lessons today, Chris dropped some bombs on us so he won't be able to get baptized the 27 probably, please pray for him guys! Then we had a lesson with Paul, he's a beast. We just went over the interview questions for his baptism on Sunday. Then we had a lesson with a street contacting and she was FIRE. Her names Marilyn and we taught a hype lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she committed to being baptized! She's so cool and wants to increase her faith in Jesus.

Friday: We had some fire lessons, we put a referral on Baptismal date named Jenise. She's super cool and I'm excited to see her faith grow! Denise and Harry had their baptism interviews for Sunday and they passed so yayy! Had some more lessons and found some people and had a good day.

Sunday: We had 3 baptisms!!! Harry, Denise, and Paul!! They are all so awesome and have such a strong faith in Christ! The service went really well and there were a lot of members there. The spirit was so strong! Harry started crying during his confirmation and it was so sweet. He's a big soft guy. They all bore their testimonies after and it was awesome! After the service there were 2 of the Sisters investigators there and they went up to the sisters and said they wanted to be baptized and to be apart of this family!! This Gospel truly does change lives and I know that because I've seen the change in my own life and the change it makes in others!

Spiritual Thought: Mosiah 8:18 "Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings." When we have faith and exercise that faith in God, he will work mighty miracles for us. He WILL bless us, he WILL comfort us and he WILL provide a way for things to happen. God will always hold up his end of the deal, it's up to US to hold up ours. Continue to grow your faith in Christ and to act. Faith is an action word because faith without works is dead. Continue to pray and to study his word. If you aren't I invite you to start NOW. You will be blessed in your efforts.

Love you all so much! I love hearing from yall so please keep emailing me!

Elder Williams


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