January 7, 2022


Provo MTC


First week at the MTC

Sup yall, this week I got to the MTC up here in provo and it's pretty dope. I sat next to this legendary 300 pound dude who was trashing on truckers the whole time and telling me about his family on the plane so it was a good flight. Made it to provo and kinda hung out the first day and met with the district. We had a super cool devotional called the character of Christ by elder Bednar. He pretty much talks about how the character of Christ is to turn outward and help others during trials and just life in general when the natural man would turn inward and focus on themselves. It was soo good! My district is super cool and I love them all already. All the Elders were disappointed when they saw me because they thought I was gonna be like 6`3 so yeah I'm a little shorter than that. Seen a lot of people I know up here which is cool and I saw my boy Elder Lower who I haven't really seen since the PA days. The second night we had a meeting with the branch presidency and now I'm district leader here, I'm pretty much a glorified mail man haha. But yeah it's been good yall I've enjoyed it so far.

One thing I loved about this week was the devotional about the character of Christ like I said earlier. That truly is the character of Christ! To love and serve others even when we are struggling ourselves! I truly know that as we turn outward and help and serve others in need, the lord will comfort us in our struggles and we will be better for it!

Hope yall are doing well love you guys!

Elder Williams

1. A cool pic from campus
2. Ma boy Elder Lower


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