March 19, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Smith

Hello world!

I am happy to say, this week was awesome!
I have decided I like the cookies and cream milk best, it is soooooooo delicious!

Okay, in ways of questions to answer..

What do we do for exercise?
Well, we have an hour to do what we will in the gym or weight room! There is no required exercise or activity.. just an hour to do what we will! I always run a mile, play basketball, play four square (BEST GAME EVER), and play volleyball! It is fun! Before bed if we want we can also do some exercising!

What is my district like?
Well, my companion - Elder Smith is the bomb! I am lucky to have him! He makes me laugh a lot and has an awesome life story! He loves Montana the state more than anything, and loves working hard! He is a champ! Besides him, I have two other elders in my district, Elder Nuttall and Elder Emmett. They are both cool guys, but sometimes I get tired of being around them haha. They are really nice and really friendly, but Elder Nuttall never ever likes a moment of silence - and sometimes I like quiet time! So does my companion, so we will sometimes go on a walk when we have free time or go hang out in our room! It's really cool! Besides that, Elder Nuttall is really cool! He is a student in heart! He never ever stops studying or thinking about Spanish, his sole desire in life is to learn Spanish! Elder Emmett is hilarious! I love talking to him!
The Sisters (Hermanas) in my district are really cool! First, we have Hermana Ehlert! She's a short blonde girl that is really funny and loves just laughing a lot! She's got a contagious laugh! Hermana Jackman is her companion. She is a sports girl and just loves sports! She has a strong testimony though, and gave up so many opportunities in Soccer to come and serve. Hermana Johnson is the next sister. She is really smart and kind! She was a valedictorian and she works hard! She is quiet but usually really fun to talk to when she wants to talk! Hermana Allphin is her companion!

Elder Smith, Elder Emmett, myself, Hermana Jackman, Hermana Ehlert, and Hermana Johnson are all going to Argentina!

Elder Nuttall and Hermana Allphin are going to Canada!

My district is an awesome group! They all are just such hard workers. It motivates me!

There are lots of hard times at the MTC but the awesome times always dominate them! I got to welcome a new district with my companion, and hearing all those missionaries share their testimonies was awesome! It was great to hear all the various reasons people decide to go on missions, and I
have just gotta say - This is the Lord's work! Sometimes I get caught up and doubt my abilities to do certain things, but then I have moments where I feel the Spirit and He makes it alright!

You know, the MTC was a lot harder than I expected. It is hard work every day! But I love it hear a lot! My district (The people I am with all day) are awesome! They all have such strong beliefs and testimonies and they are such optimistic people! I love them!

We have gotten to hear from tons of church leaders! One of my favorites was Elder Don L Clarke! He was like a fusion of President Gordon B Hinckley and Elder Jeffrey R Holland! He shared with us missionaries ten principles of the Gospel that will change our lives and missions!  It was such an amazing experience!!!!! I felt the truth of his words so strongly and gained a desire to live even better!

Elder Quentin L Cook of the 12 came and visited us too! His talk was super excellent! I loved it so much!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Keeley


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