March 26, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Smith

Hello My Friends

Life at the missionary training center is fantastic!This week was fun! My companion and I always have a great time, we laugh a lot but also take the work serious! It's good to know that you can accomplish a lot while still smiling, joking, and enjoying what you are doing! It's great to learn just how much God can work with us on an individual level!

I have been sort of sick here, but not to the point to keep me in my room or anything!

I try to run a mile every day, but the mile record here is ridiculous! It's 4 minutes and 5 seconds! I want to break one of the records at the gym.. but they are all monster! There are some Mormon Athletes in the

Anyways, I love it here! It is always always always hard work, but it is fantastic work.

I appreciate the scripture in the Bible, Proverbs 3: 5-6. It is important that we try our best to understand everything we can, and learn a lot! But, when we work for the Lord we need to trust His plan for us and
trust the person that He wants us to become.

In Proverbs 3:5-6 It says to "lean not on thine own understanding." We need to forget how we think things should be, we need to stop relying on only the immediate things we can see, and we need to lean on God's understanding of everything!

Lean on God! He had a brilliant idea for each of us personally of who He wants us to become. And not a lifeless, mechanical plan... but a plan that we ourselves chose when we decided to come here! A plan that brings out the best inside our personality! Do not resist the change of the Lord, lean hard on His understanding of you.

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Keeley


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