April 20, 2015


San Bernardo


Elder Bavelas

Best week since last week

Dear Everybody I love,This week was no joke the best week since last week! I am loving my mission ALOT!! It is hard hard work, but I am enjoying the people here so much.

I always try to contribute to lessons, so the Argentinos always try to teach me Spanish. Haha they look me in the eyes and speak slowly and point at things and teach me so much!!! I just love them! They feed me so well. No one will love me when I get home, because I will be so fat! Haha nah, all the walking and biking I do will stop that from happening.

The area is still struggling here. My companion and I work so hard and we talk to so many people. All of the previous investigators I was going to teach have fallen through, they have either stopped progressing or lost interest. So, on the streets we search while we go from less active house to less active. We teach a lot of less active lessons, and we have a small handful of investigators. I can understand most of what everybody says when we are in lessons, so that is cool. Some of the people think I can actually speak Spanish...Fooled them! Haha nah, I always listen closely and try to answer what they say. I can usually hold a conversation.

There is the Alderete Family. I love them a lot. We visit them once a week and they always spoil us. The kids are all teenagers and they love talking to me. We always mess around together. We have some neighbors right next to our apartment, the Cardozo family. They are less active older people. They always say no when we invite them to church, but they always cook us some good pasta.

My knees are feeling better. They really hurt when I ride my bike though. We have the tiniest bikes here.. I hate those dang bikes! But it is fun riding around on them!

I love walking on the streets, all the trees are so nice. They are very pretty. I always walk up and talk to
everybody and then since I do not know Spanish well and can not usually understand the people on the streets, I just stare at my companion until he answers them. It is a fun game!

I am learning Spanish way quicker than I thought I could, so that is amazing! I know the Spirit is really helping me learn. It is an incredible feeling! He works hard to make my life better! I love the Holy Ghost! I
believe in the gift of tongues and in the gift of hearing. Whenever I feel the Spirit in lessons or on the streets I can suddenly understand much better. Not perfect, but better.

I love you all! I miss you all! I feel bad you all can not be here! You are missing out! Argentina is amazing!!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder KeeleyAdditional details from letter to Mom and Dad:All of the touristy things are closed right now, and the beaches are devoid of life. Plus we are not allowed to touch the sand. We sometimes ride on the street near the beach, but that is as close as we can get.

All of the cool stores and things to do are closed this time of year. Around December (the start of summer in Argentina) is when this place starts booming with tourists. Right now there are few people on the streets and no one on the beach usually.

My knees hurt only because the bike I ride is too small for me. I am sure it will get better as I get more flexible. I do stretches every morning!

The people here are incredible! The food is delicious! I love the language! This week more people came to church! We had around 35 which was good. The other missionaries said that is about average.

The Hermanas in my area are Hermana Spruill from Idaho and Hermana Flores from Bolivia. They are way cool!

We had a zone activity today. The majority of the zone, besides two people, are from the United States! Haha we played sports and my team dominated at ultimate frisbee!!


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