May 4, 2015


San Bernardo


Elder Bavelas

Rain, George Clooney, and Winter almost

Dear friends and family,
How are you all? I am praying for you and I hope things are great!

Things in South America are pretty great, this place is really starting to feel like home to me! I love it here so much!

This week the weather got a lot colder, and it rained a lot. It wasn't terribly cold but I did have to layer up. It makes me sad, but since I am in South America now I will have almost a year and a half total before I see Summer again! Winter is just starting here, It doesn't feel like May! All the other missionaries say they prefer Winter though, because in the Summer it is terribly hot with the weather.

So, this week as far as stories go.. we had a Zone activity and we went... AND DID A HEDGE MAZE! It was just like I imagined the hedge mazes in Roller Coaster Tycoon. It was excellent! As a zone we had a race to see who could finish the maze first. At the start there were four different paths to choose, and my companion and I choose one of the wrong ones. Oh no! We ended up in last right away.. but we were come back kids.. And we ended up winning the race! We were the kings of the tower in middle! It was excellent!

Also, we buy eggs from a man.. Who LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE GEORGE CLOONEY! He is totally in hiding in South America. He is done with the celebrity life style.

My companion was sick this week, so I spent a lot of time studying and studying. As I was studying, I was reading through a book called "Jesus the Christ." It is an excellent excellent book! I love it! What I want to share with you all, is of Christ's powerful, unconditional, endless, infinite love for all of us. He truly dedicated all of His life helping everyone He could. And when the whole world turned on Him, He did not get mad, He did not become bitter... He pressed on and made the sacrifice that saves all of us. Jesus Christ overcame all sin, overcame death, and allows us be happier than we ever otherwise could be. True happiness comes from Him, seek Him! He is just so amazing and excellent, He is awesome! Study and read about Him.

I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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