May 11, 2015


San Bernardo


Elder Bavelas


Mother's Day Phone Call: We Skyped with Aaron on 5/10, which was Mother's Day as well as his dad's birthday. Aaron is looking good and doing great! He said that he and his companion spend most of their time keeping the small branch going in San Bernardo. They had two investigators come to church and are teaching a few people, but they spend most of their time visiting members, both active and less active. The branch president works in Buenos Aires so is gone all week, only returning on weekends. Before he leaves each week he gives the elders a list of assignments to do and members to visit on his behalf during the weekdays. Also, Aaron told us that the Cordoba Argentina temple dedication will be May 17th and they will be having special meetings for that. Then they will be having a chapel Open House on May 24th in San Bernardo. We are thankful that Aaron is doing so well in Argentina, and thankful for all those Argentinians who treat him so well and do nice things such as feeding the missionaries and doing their laundry!Letter from Aaron 5/11/2015, "VeryVery":Dear Awesome People,
Time is flying by here! Argentina is still Argentina! There are dogs and cats everywhere, the people always ask me where I am from because I am whiter than most, and people still sit around drinking their mate and driving their motorcycles!

Every week my companion and I go visit this funny old guy. His name is J___.P__. But we call him VeryVery. He insists he knows English, and always tries to speak it to us. He only knows three words or so though, and out of that selection his favorite word is very. He always says, "Very Very." And then just stops talking and laughs. It is always a good time! He only has two teeth I think, and all of his words in English and Spanish are very slurred. He is hard to understand. The sad part of this story is that he lives alone and has no friends or family that I have ever heard him mention. He has no pictures of anyone in his apartment and no one visits him besides us.. Once when I was talking with him, I asked what his favorite memory was. He said it was his 15 birthday. He said there were friends there and his family. He loved it. I wonder how long he has been alone. It makes me sad when I think about it. There are some people that are so alone in this life!

I encourage you all to go visit and find people like that. I know I have mentioned this before, but I mention it again. More than most things, I've found a lot of really really really lonely people in this world while I've tracted around in San Bernardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are people that are just absolutely alone, with no interaction besides maybe some missionaries that find them and on Sundays if they go to a church. Remember what Christ said, "Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me." How you treat others is how you treat Christ. Remember, we are all a family. Please, go find those people that are alone. They are there, waiting for a friend!

I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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