May 25, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Bavelas

Living La Vida Costa

Dear Amigos y Familiares,
This week was excellent! Like I mentioned last week, we took over the Hermanas area, so we have been working with lots and lots of new people! It has been difficult, because our old area had finally started picking up our last week there and now we also have all the Sisters' people too. We have a lot of people to visit!

But I am not complaining!! It is such a nice change, We have so many people to teach and to talk to. There is never a slow moment. I also love being with the people and visiting homes because that is the best way to learn Spanish. I learn more from listening to the native speakers than any other way. I think my Spanish is getting better little by little! At least I hope so anyways!

This week the weather was crazy, it rained for two days straight and then suddenly it cleared up.. and everything got a lot colder! I am jealous of the United States right now because I miss summer! According to the members here, we are not even to the cold part of the winter yet.

This week Elder Bavelas and I visited Candalaria again. She was the old lady that we visited in the hospital four or so weeks ago. She's back home now, but her condition is so sad, she is very frail. She is just degenerating little by little. And her house is old, with holes in the walls and a sagging roof. As I looked at her last night, I just really felt a strong love for her. She deserves all the best. Us being there in her home was incredibly important to her, someone lives with her but she was so lonely. She just looked at us like we were heroes, like we had brought all the hope in the world. I felt like I didn't even deserve to be standing there next to her. She can barely speak and she cannot move. It made me really appreciate that all day I get to talk and ride my bike around and see so many people. Cherish those important people in your life, love them. The good times in life are when there are good people in your life, do not overlook the amazing qualities of each person! There are people that have no one and have nothing, but I am so lucky I have all of you! I am praying for you and I love you.

-Elder Keeley
Additional information from letter to Mom and Dad:Life here on the coast is great, it gets cold at times but not as cold as Farmington's winters.. yet. In answer to your question, the only reason I get a bit tired sometimes is because we ride our bikes about 10 miles or more a day. But, being tired is a part of missionary work!

Our new apartment is on a street called Montevideo, in the town of Mar de Ajo (the next town over from San Bernardo). We are on the 6th floor, but it is called the 5th floor here because the first floor is called zero. So we have an incredible view of the ocean.

After Dad's knee operation, are you going to go hiking? There must be so much free time without me there ;)


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