June 1, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Bavelas

All You Great People

Dear people,
This week was incredible =) I really really enjoyed it! I have been learning a lot about how the Lord works (though I still am very very far from knowing anything about anything), and how I can better match myself up with His spirit. It is interesting to see and read all the things the Lord asks us to do, and it goes beyond that.. He tells how we need to do things too! It is one of my favorite counsels in scriptures.. but we need to "Be of good cheer" and "Go about doing much good of our own free will."

In way of events this week.. I had 4 asados. The few active members here absolutely love the missionaries, and they feed us well. For those of you who don't know, an Asado is an Argentine BBQ. For them, asados and meat are more important than almost everything. They all have little places built into their houses specifically for the purpose of cooking the asado meat. When all the meat is cooked, everybody sits down and they bring the meat in and you just grab what you want and eat...

There is usually more meat in an asado than any person should ever have. It is delicious and soooo fun.. but it is probably really bad to eat that much meat haha.. I think I ate like 10 pounds of meat this week.. I hope I do not die.

Right now, we have six cities we are in charge of. We usually only work in two (San Bernardo and Mar
de Ajo). The six cities include Mar de Ajo, San Bernardo, Nuevo Atlantis, Pavon, Aquas Verdes, and Lucilla del Mar. All of these cities are incredibly beautiful, and I am lucky to be here! The majority of people do not have cars though, and working in the other cities is discouraged for this reason.. It would be a 3 or 4 hour walk to church for these people.

I have been thinking a lot this week about those things that are most important including; family,
friends, choices, knowledge, and faith. And while I was pondering on this, I came to the conclusion that the single most important thing for us to focus on is the will of God. In the scriptures we are asked to do many things by God, we have the commandments, the teachings of Christ and the apostles, and the teachings of many prophets. All of these things are the will of God. But also, we can receive His will for our personal lives too through prayer. As we seek His guidance in our daily lives, and then make morally good decisions, we will find His help with us. We can learn what we need to do, how we can help even more, and what things will help us if we change them. Seek the will of God, and repent when your will takes priority over His!

I am praying for you all and I love you!!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder KeeleyAdditional information from letter to Mom and Dad:I am happy to say that my training will end at the end of this transfer.. The 28th of June. Then, on July 1st
the new mission will begin.. and if I am still here on the coast (or in one of 8 other areas whose names I do not know at all).. I will be in the Buenos Aires East mission! I have a feeling I will be in the new mission.. but that is just speculation.

We will be having an open house in just a few weeks here! I am excited for that, hopefully a lot of people will come and check it out. On that day, all the missionaries of our zone will come and help us invite people to the chapel! It should be great! A few weeks ago we had one in Santa Teresita (A nearby town in our district) and it was really fun! My companion and I taught a little informational thing about baptism there.

I am doing great here =) I love love love my apartment and the coast. This is such a beautiful place!

How are you two doing? I always appreciate your letters and thoughts. It must be cool seeing new apostles and prophets change throughout your lives, it is always sad when old ones die though. All of them testify of the hope over death though, Jesus Christ! And I am very privileged to be inviting people to Him.


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