June 15, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Bavelas

Dead Bats

Weird things happen here sometimes. Today, Elder Bavelas and I walked out of our apartment and there were dead bats on the sidewalk. Just sort of sitting there hanging out like dead things do. I have been here 11 weeks now, Elder Bavelas has been here 60 or 70 weeks (something like that) and neither of us have ever seen bats here before! But there they were, just laying all over the sidewalk. It is random things like that, that get exciting here!
This week was great, it was a bit difficult but it was fun. I enjoyed it but I sure do get tired on those dang bikes! We are picking up more investigators in far places, so we ride and ride. It is hard because no day is an off day, every day we ride! I stay swore but I think I am starting to plateau and get used to the bikes! Also, the other day I was in a gym with basketball rims, and it turns out all the biking made me great at
jumping. I can easily touch the rims now and I bet after a few more months of biking I will be dunking it like Lebron James.
We got some investigators to church this week, that was excellent. It all started when we biked over to a town called Pavon to visit a less active. He was just there hanging out with his friends, and he let us in. Since we were going to share something with him, we invited his friends to sit in too. Later in the week we went back to Pavon and started teaching them! One of them really isn't interested, but one of them is! I think he really will make it to baptism someday soon!
Something that has really helped me stay optimistic out here is gratitude. As I have been thinking about it, three ways to show gratitude to God have come to me. In our personal lives, through worship, and in how we treat others. As we are honest with ourselves, try to improve our flaws, and work hard to remember Christ every day, we show appreciation for the gifts of life and the gifts of agency. As we go to church each Sunday, pray to God, read the scriptures, and serve in church callings - we show our gratitude to God through His true church. As we are kind to strangers and friends, and especially our family, we show gratitude to them, We show appreciation to God for Him having placed them in our
lives, and our attitude becomes contagious. Gratitude brings confidence AND humility. It is the balance between the two!
I love all of you wonderful people so much. Be grateful, watch out for dead bats on the street, and make sure to put in your daily 10 miles on the bike.Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Keeley


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