July 6, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Sosa

I Can Go The Distance

Dear Capos (Studs),This week was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I have got to say, being with a Latino companion is the best thing for my Spanish, I have gained a lot of confidence in my speech. And also, Elder Sosa is so awesome! He wants to learn English, so naturally the first thing we picked to practice was singing Disney songs together in English. While we ride around on our bikes we practice the song, "I Can Go the Distance" from Hercules. It is so funny to hear a Latino try to sing that song!
So, a bit more about Elder Luis Sosa. He is from Oaxaca, Mexico, has 5 siblings, and comes from a humble pueblo. Before this transfer, he had never seen the ocean in his life. He is a bit mischievious, loves ties, and is great at teaching. The people in Mar de Ajo already love him. He is really relaxed, but is 100% obedient to every rule.
Also, like I said, I am in the brand new, better than all else, Buenos Aires East Mission!!!! And, Saturday,
two days back.. Our new mission president, President Valentin Nunez, visited us here in the coast zone! He talked to us about our purpose as missionaries, inspired us, gave us some delicious milanesa sandwiches, and brought the Spirit strongly here to the coast. After Lunch with him and all the other missionaries of my zone, President Nunez interviewed us one by one. He is an excellent man, is only 46 years old, and is very friendly. If President Uchtdorf could speak Spanish, he would have a voice that sounds exactly like Presidente Nunez. I already love President Nunez, he is excellent. After our interviews, Elder Sosa and I returned to our Mar de Ajo, did some work, and then went home. The Assistants to the president came and spent the night with us, and I talked with Elder Villegas about Mar de Ajo for a long time (He began his mission here too.) It was a great weekend.
Besides that, Elder Sosa and I had a pretty normal week. It was incredible, and I loved it.. But it was average ;) The life of a missionary is pretty great. We found a new investigator, some families are starting to come back to church, and Mar de Ajo is still beautiful.

I love you all! Remember, we will always have faults and weaknesses, but if we are being better every day, thinking better thoughts, and working hard.. we will become someone incredible. Christ really can perfect us if we come unto Him and take His yoke upon us! He loves us and is always waiting to help us, but we have to do our part first!
Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder KeeleyP.S. -- I do not know the address for the new mission yet, sorry!


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