November 24, 2015


Florencio Varela/ El Parque B


Elder Gatto

The Cat

Dear friends, family, and America,This week has been a great one. I had some ups and I had some downs and still the Lord constantly was giving me blessings! It just takes a change of attitude to realize the blessings we are receiving.

Sorry I am a day late in emailing. Tuesday I went to Quilmes where the mission headquarters are located. And there, I searched for my new companion. I was called to train again, and inside the mission offices there was a big group of missionaries. As I walked into the building an excited Latino ran up to me and yelled, "Daddy!" He gave a big hug and introduced himself. His name is Elder Martin Ezequiel Gatto, and he is my companion now. He is from Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina. He is such an excited and happy missionary, I just love him.

The word for cat in Spanish is Gato, so all the people here give him a hard time for his last name. He just enjoys it though and always calls every cat we see his cousin, he is a funny guy.

When we headed back home Tuesday in the evening, Elder Gatto and I had to move pensions. It took a lot more time than I thought it would and I really just wanted to go work. But we had to get it done, so I was glad to work through it.

I will send pictures soon (Sorry Mom!), but the new pension and the new companion are incredible! Elder Gatto just wants to learn, just wants to work, and just wants to become the best missionary ever. The new pension has air conditioning, a huge yard, and is in the fields. It is beautiful.

My thought of the day for all of you is a quote from Elder Joseph B Wirthlin. He said in 2008, "Come what may and love it." How we react to challenges, to the demands of life, and to mistakes of ourselves and others plays a huge huge role in whether we will be happy or not. This week I got stressed out becuase I couldn't go work for a few days. I had to move pensions, go to meetings, and do a few other things. I was worried because I lost a lot of lessons I had planned the last week and because I wanted Elder Gatto to have an awesome first week. But in the end, I found it was better to just enjoy what was happening and love it. It was beyond my control and as I accepted it I found out I could really learn a lot in every situation. Whatever is happening in your life, learn from it. Change what you can to do the best you can, and when things don't work out or life is hard - just love it. Come what may and love it.

I love you all. Keep on!

Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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