December 14, 2015


Florencio Varela/ El Parque B


Elder Gatto


Dear friends and family,I learned a lot this week, which means it was a good week. Something that happens a lot in the mission is that you are dragged out of your comfort zone. That happened to me a few times this week and I feel like I am preparing to learn some lessons I won't forgot.

In my mission I have been with relatively new missionaries for the majority of the time. My first companion, Elder Smith, was a stud and I enjoyed some quality time in the MTC with him. Lots of times, I reflect back on those six weeks to figure out what I should do now. After that, I was with Elder Bavelas. My patient trainer. I learned how to find investigators with him, I learned how to support a branch, and I learned how to relax and work hard. I got to enjoy twelve weeks with him and with Elder Sosa, my next companion. I learned a lot of patience and perseverance with Elder Sosa, and got to see a lot of my own flaws during those weeks. With Elder Aguirre I got to practice training and being senior companion, and now with Elder Gatto I am learning how to help people progress more.

In each transfer I have had a lot to focus on, and a lot of progressing to do. With everything that is always going on, it is easy to focus on too much at once. When we spread ourselves thin and try to get everything done at the same time, we will end up getting little done with little quality in our work. So, this Christmas season I hope we can all step back a little bit, take a breath, and focus on those things that are most important, God, family, and our friends. As we do that, we can take strides in our progression.

As we look at those people we have in our lives, we can see their flaws. We can judge them. We can tell them what they have to improve and hypocritically forget our own flaws. Or maybe, we can fall into the trap of judging ourselves. And only seeing how other people are better than us. We can build them up and consider those around us much more talented, blessed, and intelligent. If we have either of these two perspectives, then we have the wrong perspective. We are not shining our light or letting the light of others touch us. Instead of looking at others for their flaws or why they are better than us, we can look at them with love. As we do that, we can take strides in our progression and help them in theirs.

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season. I love you all a lot! 
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley
P.S. I am staying cool because we have air conditioning in our home! It is amazing! We actually set it a bit too cold and I caught a cold haha.

It never snows here in Argentina =( But, it does rain a lot. Probably once or twice every week.


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