February 8, 2016


Quilmes 1B


Elder Stevenson

Season 3 of The Mission

Dear friends and family, Last week was week six of this transfer, and it turns out that I was called to leave El Parque. I loved El Parque and as I worked last week, I looked forward to another transfer (6 weeks) there. Investigators came to church, members that were inactive decided to attend, and we have an investigador named Eli that will get baptized the 13th. I thought I might get the chance to stay in El Parque and work there six more weeks, but God had other plans.I have been called to serve in Quilmes now, as a zone leader. I am with Elder Adam Stevenson, who is a great elder from Virginia. I met him in the Coast when I was there, and now I get the chance to serve with him! He is a cross country runner, a hard worker, and just a generally great guy.
I will tell you more about my area when I learn more, but I have only been here for 3 hours now. It is called Quilmes 1B in the zone of Quilmes. I am super excited to be here! It is a richer area, with a really really nice apartment.
My thought for you all is on kites. Kites fly because they are designed to be light weight and catch the wind, because they are wide and open allowing the wind to blow through them, and most importantly because they are anchored to the ground by a string. Without this string, the kites would not fly. The string holds them up, directs them away from danger and crashes, and keeps them steady. We are like kites. The commandments are like that string. God is keeping us up in the air. He helps us out with our lives, and if we follow Him, He permits us to fly. But, if we decide to let go of the string, the commandments, we will fall. We will crash. We will not be able to fly.
Let God hold you up with His commandments. Have faith that He knows happiness better than you do. Exercise your faith. Fly. Remember, the commandments don't hold us down. They hold us up!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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