February 15, 2016


Quilmes 1B


Elder Stevenson

I Am In A Ward!

Dear friends and family,Life in Quilmes is GREAT! My area is weird, because it is so rich. Everybody here is well-dressed, has a car, and has a nice phone. Lots of the people know English. The majority of them are well educated. It feels like I am so far away from the other areas I have been in!

I live above an ice cream shop in a really nice apartment, and I go to church in the building of the mission headquarters, in Rivadavia 599, Quilmes.

There are 38 missionaries in my zone, I have to do a lot of exchanges, and we are organizing some gigantic activities for the months that are coming up. Being a zone leader is keeping me very busy and helping me sleep at night, because when I get to bed I am always super tired!

I loved that talk you sent me dad, it is completely completely true. I am probably going to share part of it with the zone in the zone conference tomorrow, so thanks!
This week was quite the adventure! I have got to say, it was a wild ride. We went all over the place with lots of different things to do. In Quilmes, there are always random things that come up that we have to take care of, so we go back and forth between the mission offices and our area, and other areas.

I got to see Elder Payne this week! It was crazy to see somebody from my home ward here in Argentina. Farmington represent!

My new companion, Elder Stevenson, is excellent. He is always busting jokes, talking in ridiculous accents, and speaking Spanish. Even though we are both from the United States, we almost always only speak Spanish. He is an excellent cross country runner, a great missionary, and a really relaxed friend. He is the chillest companion I have had.

I can't really think of what else is going on here. My zone and district are both excellent! I attend church in the building of the mission headquarters, That is fun because there are 8 Elders in the ward. It is also my first ward here in Argentina! It is so well-established and the members are so helpful! There are about 120 active people. It is excellent!

My thought for you all is on being right. As humans, lots of the time it is really important to be the correct one. We debate just to win arguments, we search for disagreements to prove others wrong, we are critical about the way in which other people do things. We assume our way is the best. I have done that a lot on my mission and I have seen other people be that way. Something that I have realized though, is it just doesn't matter. What is really important is acting right, treating people right, living right.

Elder Stevenson, my companion, is a great example of that. He treats people right. He doesn't always think his way is the best. He really does just want to be a friend. It is great being with him!

Well, I love you all. Carry on and don't give up or out!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley
P.S. The camera is messed up =( It will be easy and cheap to fix it, but no pictures for a couple of weeks. The battery flap won't close and I need to take it somewhere to get it fixed.


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